What's New at Disney World?

This Spring Break I visited Disney World -- and there are a few note-worthy updates coming soon! The parks are bringing new treats and rides for your next visit with family and friends. There are so many areas with construction walls up, and a few rides that are undergoing refurbishment among other things as well.

The Gondolas -- The first thing you want to note is that over by Hollywood Studios, there is a Skyliner currently being built to provide transportation from 3 of the Disney Restorts: 

Another park using the Skyliner transportation will be Epcot! You will be able to ride in the gondola styled cabins with a birds eye view of Disney World and the resorts, while getting to the parks easily and in style.  Right now, they're testing them out and making sure they run smoothly and safely for all of the guests before they open them in Fall of 2019. More information and concept art along like the one below can be found here!

Flower and Garden Festival Currently happening over at Epcot is a fan favorite festival, the Flower and Garden! All the wonderful topiaries are up for display, Violet Lemonade is back, and more fun and delicious treats/activities are happening at Flower and Garden. If you are a Pass Holder, you can get your Pluto magnet for Flower and Garden between now and April 10th, and the Daisy one beginning April 11th - June 3rd! The new merchandise for the festival is now also available, stemming from shirts, spirit jersey's, and even some new ears! I recommend trying the Honey-Marscapone Cheesecake, it's absolutely to die for at the Honey Bee-stro before heading to Canada!

Pass Holders Pass Holders, take advantage of all those photo pass opportunities! There are so many photo pass workers that are around in different areas of the parks all day, and you'll find different pictures you can take. So many of them also have signs or photo props that look awesome in photos! Disney is having a special treat over at Magic Kingdom where older characters are taking photos around the clock by the entrance. Keep a look out for any and all discounts as always, and get your pass holder magnets over at Epcot for Flower and Garden!  

Florida Residents Right now you all have a great ticket deal! For $180 and some change, you can visit any 3 Disney parks at any time you'd like. You don't have to use them consecutively either! For an extra $20 you can make it a 4 park deal as well! It saves so much money considering that one ticket is already around $100 regularly, and you also get to use them whenever between now and June 30th, 2019! Another great perk to this, if you are looking to get an Annual Pass like I was; these tickets will actually cover the down payment for any of the pass options and put in a little extra to make those monthly payments much cheaper! Each pass has a $129 down payment, but the monthly varies! It's a great deal and option for anyone looking to upgrade! You may also do this with ANY ticket.

New Rides Finally, there are a few new rides coming to Disney World and a few going under some refurbishment for the time being! Right now over at Animal Kingdom, you'll find that the Kali River Rapids are in the refurbishment process as well as the Tomorrow Land Speedway over by Magic Kingdom.  In the future, we expect to see some new rides opening by 2021 for Disney's 50th anniversary! We will find the following rides opening at the following parks:

  • Ratatouille over at Epcot in the France Pavilion
  • Guardians of the Galaxy over at Epcot
  • Glaxy's Edge over at Hollywood Studios (opening August 29th 2019!!!)
  • Mickey and Minnie's Railroad Runway in Hollywood Studios
  • Tron Rollercoaster in Tomorrow Land at Magic Kingdom

Until next time, Disney lovers!

                                                                                                       (all other photos in this article are my own)