What's Happening with D.C

On September 12th, it was rumored that Henry Cavill was going to be exiting his role as our 'Superman', and would also be terminating his contract and longtime friendship with Warner Bros. Fans were heartbroken and confused by the news, and took to social media to share their opinions. Many fans hoped it was just a joke, and were genuinely confused by the "response" Cavill gave on his Instagram.  A video surfaced on his page with the Superman star wearing a "Krypton Lifting Team" shirt, and slowly bringing a Superman action-figure up to the camera with the caption "Today was exciting #Superman". It was backed by ominous music of a dog barking that seemed humorous but no one knows for sure what was going on. Warner Bros gave a statement saying the story was fabricated, as Cavill reportedly turned down a roll in the upcoming film Shazam!  but fans still are unsure. Cavill is also rumored to be the main character being casted for the movie Witcher, based off of the video game, and speculation around this puts fans at a discomfort since it might mean time away from any upcoming films, cameos, or even the compromise of his role as a whole.

With Ben Affleck in rehab at the moment, D.C. fans are very on edge on the future of the franchise with the current casting of their favorite heroes and the upcoming movies to be released in the future. The D.C Universe has been dealing with many issues, its biggest being Cavill's role as Superman and Affleck's journey in rehab, but fans can expect some awesome things coming up in the near future with the release of the Aquaman movie in December of this year, Shazam! following closely behind in April of 2019, and Joaquin Phoenix reportedly being the next Joker in the solo film being produced to follow the origin story, set to release October 2019. Fans are excited for all these films, and are holding on to hope that their cast will remain as their D.C heroes for as long as possible.

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What do you guys think? Will Cavill stay Superman? Will Affleck remain as Batman? Or do you think it's time for a recast of a whole new generation of heroes? 

Xoxo, Nicole