What You Need to Know About Thighlighting, the New (& Totally Bizarre) Body Trend Sweeping Hollywood

Let's leave it to Hollywood to come up with the most extravagant and weirdly exotic fashion and beauty trends. Honestly, I can't say i'm too surprised with this new one they chose to roll out. If you haven't really been informed on this new style well, that's what I am here for. It's quite shocking the amount of influence these celebrities that dawn those silky red carpets have on our body image. We're always on the lookout for the latest outfits the Kardashian clan have sported on a night out or the newest Jaclyn Hill makeup tutorial on YouTube. It's just reality to be in tune and up to date with it all and to be honest, who can blame us when it's all the world talks about? So when the word "thighlighting" came about we just had to get the scoop on its unexpected come up. 

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As these stars and notable figurines keep getting more and more unrealistic so do our beauty aspirations. As if some of us don't already have a huge load of insecurities that we may have not yet been able to personally tackle or overcome such as toned abs, thick eyebrows, curvy bodies, thigh gaps, etc. We get hit with this. According to Dr. Gabriel Chu, a well known celebrity plastic surgeon , "thighlighting" became a thing hugely due to that fact that many women would come into his office aspiring to get legs like Taylor Swift, Jennifer Lopez or even Kendall Jenner. Apparently, the thigh-high slit dress trend has been making a tremendous effect on women who feel pressured into owning long, lean and toned legs.

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It's not really easy to be thighlighted though. In fact, it comes with some anesthesia, scalpels and whatever else is needed to complete the procedure. Yup, you read right. Procedure. thighlighting is a plastic surgery procedure that consists of thighlifts, liposuction, inner thigh trimming, and in severe or over the top cases, calf implants. It's a whole makeover for your legs and extremely invasive and painful to say the very least. The fact that not only are they sucking away all the fat, they are completely contouring your legs and the amount of work needed to be done would vary from woman to woman. But heck, if you got the money then who am I to judge?