What to Consider Before Adopting a Dog

Adopting a dog can be one of the best and one of the most difficult decisions you may ever make. There are endless reasons as to why having a dog can be amazing, but if you make the decision to adopt it is important to be aware of what it means to be a dog owner. All dogs want is to be accepted into a family and stay in a loving home their whole lives. If you adopt, be sure that you are ready, because no dog deserves to be abandoned. Doing this will require much of your time, but the benefits are worthwhile. 

As festive holidays approach every day, more fun events are popping up around town. Thankfully for dog lovers, pets have events of their own! Check your local community calendar to see the different ways in which you and your dog can get in the Halloween or Christmas spirit! You can dress them up in cute, and sometimes funny, costumes and compete against other furry contestants. They can also meet Santa Claus! Anything you choose can be a great way for you and your companion to meet new people and enjoy a Saturday afternoon. 

Photo Credit: Andrea Leyva


Owning a dog can be great, yet untrained puppies can bring unexpected surprises. You should expect your dog to cause, or attempt to cause, damage to your home. They may do that because they are bored or they are trying to relieve teething discomfort. Puppies can chew up your exposed cables and shoes, so do not leave anything within their reach. Popular incidents also include finding their unpleasant business in the house. If this happens, buying a dog door for them to access the patio, a hanging bell, or potty pads can help decrease this problem. Training and a lot of patience, though, are the real key to this solution. A helpful tip for you is to research which breed is right for you and dog-proof the house until they are fully trained.

If you set aside their destructive accidents, dogs can be hilarious and always adorable when you least expect it. They love to chase their tails, tilt their heads when they hear strange noises, and bark in their sleep. Some of the more funny dogs get scared by their own farts, proving that when you need it the most, your trusty companion will be there to amuse you. Some of them may also find themselves sleeping or stuck in funny positions, so always be ready to take pictures of them. Those always serve as great conversation starters. With a dog for a pet, life will always be interesting.

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After adopting a dog, you may quickly learn that it could take you some time to adjust. Puppies are known for not obeying their owners at first. They can bark at vacuums, a water hose, dogs on television, and neighbors. When you think that you can study for an exam or watch your favorite television show, your dog can start barking without warning, startling you more than the scariest haunted house you can imagine. At times, it seems as though they bark at the wind when in reality they sense your neighbor arriving or they see something dash across the patio. Although this can be difficult to deal with, professional training and their cute apologetic faces will be there to get you through it.

One of the many major benefits of owning a dog is that they can be companions for your current or future children. A child who grows up around a dog is less likely to be afraid of other animals when they grow up and they learn about love and friendship too. According to Purina, children who grow up around puppies can learn to be more kind. They also learn responsibility from having to take care of their puppy and they may develop higher self-esteem. These furry friends can also be protective of your children and they can help to brighten their mood, which could especially help when they go through puberty! Dogs definitely provide the best, unwavering kind of love and friendship there is.

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Expectedly, owning a canine can be expensive on many occasions. Some expenses include purchasing the dog, their food, toys, vaccines, health insurance, trainers, and travel permits. Additionally, if your dog has a medical emergency then a trip to the vet is a must. The path to happiness in this situation is definitely to avoid looking at the total amount you owe at the end of that visit. It will be high. The smallest shots and concerns brought up at the vet will make your eyes pop after you see the fee. Make room in your budget before adopting a dog, because the reality is that you will have to be prepared for anything that comes along in the future.

Introducing a puppy into the family is a large adjustment, especially if it is the first puppy you have ever had. Be aware of the reality that comes with adopting and be prepared in every way that you can. This will help you face anything with confidence. Dogs can be a handful, but once you learn how to live alongside them, they are undoubtedly an important member of the family.


Photo Credit: Andrea Leyva