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Ways to Feed Your Adventure Bug Safely During COVID

Adventure isn’t canceled.

Here are some ways to be adventurous and safe during COVID. To any Sagittarius or Aries, you’re welcome.

Have more small adventures 

Grab a blanket and go have a picnic at a new park in your city’s vicinity every week. Drive an hour or two to catch a beautiful sunset at a new beach. Try a new hiking or biking route. Try walking to pick up your coffee order instead of driving. If times are feeling a bit monotone to you at the moment, small doses of adventure can make all the difference in a mood boost. It’s also the most financially savvy. 


Although flight prices are particularly low right now and airlines are requiring that travelers wear masks, flying isn’t the safest/most anxiety-free option at the moment. All over socials, we’re seeing more and more people take the road-trip alternative. If you’re seeking adventure, now is a great time to discover your state, drive a few states away, or even go cross-country. Gasoline prices are currently relatively low and the costs can be divided if you’re road-tripping in the same vehicle with members of your household. Get to know your parents or siblings a little better on a five-hour car ride and break out your favorite sing-along tunes (10/10 recommend the Hamilton Soundtrack or those of classic Disney movies). Tip: Get tested for COVID-19 before traveling and have the results on you.


Most hotels are operating under full capacity due to CDC guidelines, but Airbnbs might be the best option if traveling with your household. They usually provide more space and the one total price can be divided, versus having to pay for multiple hotel rooms. Also, lots of Airbnbs have a charm of their own that makes it easy to want to spend more time staying safe inside or outside, in a private patio or pool. As a general guideline, make sure to check reviews for cleanliness before booking and, if not already written in the description, inquire as to what steps are being taken to ensure guests’ safety. If upon arrival you have any doubt as to how well the space was cleaned, ask to have it cleaned or disinfect it yourself- carry Lysol (if you have any luck finding any in stock) or ask the front-desk to lend you some. If you want to be extra-safe as a just-in-case, pack your own sheets.


If you’ve never gone camping, you might be so eager for an adventure that you’re willing to give it a try! Drive to a state park, set up a tent, and have the nature adventure of your dreams. Out of all lodging options, this one is the safest- you’re probably less safe going to pick up your daily dose of caffeine. Walmart, Target, and Amazon offer great on-a-budget camping essentials that you can have delivered right to your door.  Tip: check out the websites of the state parks you’re interested in for camping options, guidelines, and rates (if applicable).

Fly with Delta

With airlines requiring that everyone wear a face mask, you might find it surprising that not all are implementing social distancing. However, if you are considering flying, Delta is your safest bet, at least through September 30th of this year. The middle seat of each row is being blocked off and the number of passengers allowed per flight has also been reduced. 

Daniela is a senior majoring in English Literature and Criminal Justice at Florida International University.
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