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Voting Guide

Good morning, Panthers! It’s voting day! With so many advertisements and canvassers, it can be confusing to keep track of exactly what you’re voting on, so Her Campus is here to help.

Before you look over the article, make sure you know exactly where your polling location is. You can find out by typing, “find my polling place Florida” into a search engine and put in your permanent address. There have been widespread reports that voting is taking no more than 5 minutes including waiting time, so head out to vote, Panthers!

Below you will find a full, simplified guide to exactly what you have the option of voting on today:


Amendment #1 Water and land conservation

What does this do?

– It amends Article X of the Florida Constitution, creating an article #28

– It dedicated funds to acquire and restore Florida conservation and recreation lands

– Funds will come from 33% of the “doc stamp” or net revenues from excise tax on documents for 20 years

What does it mean to vote yes?

– The Florida Constitution will have within in a set amount of funds that must be allocated to environmental efforts in Florida

What does it mean to vote no?

– Florida will continue to allocate funds toward environmental efforts as it has in the past

Amendment #2 The use of marijuana for certain medical conditions

What does this do?

– It amends article X, creating an article #28

– Allows the medical use of marijuana for individuals with certain diseases to be determined by a licensed Florida physician

– The Department of Health will register and regulate centers that produce and distribute marijuana for medical purposes and shall issue identification cards to patients and caregivers assisting patients with the authorized use of medical marijuana

– It has absolutely nothing written within the amendment that allows recreational use, possession, or production of marijuana

What does it mean to vote yes?

– Certain patients afflicted with cancer, glaucoma, HIV/AIDS, hepatitis C, ALS, Crohn’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, and multiple sclerosis will be able to use medical marijuana as a certified physician sees fit

What does it mean to vote no?

– Marijuana laws will remain as they are, where it is illegal to use marijuana in any form except for in very specific exceptional cases

Amendment #3 Prospective appointment of judicial vacancies

What does this do?

– Amends article V, sections 10 & 11

-Allows the outgoing governor to appoint judicial vacancies regardless of if the vacancies will occur after the governor’s term has expired

What does it mean to vote yes?

– The current governor will be able to appoint the three vacant judgeships for the judges retiring next year even though they are not retiring until after the outgoing governor’s term has elapsed

What does it mean to vote no?

– The incoming governor will continue to appoint judicial vacancies during his/her term and only within his/her term

Amendment #4 FIU expansion (#166)

What does this do?

– Exempts FIU from the language written in Article VII so that FIU could expand onto 64 acres of land occupied currently by the Dade Country Youth Fair

What does it mean to vote yes?

President Mark B. Rosenberg said it best in a statement to FIU News:

Rosenberg outlined the key points about the impact that the Expand FIU initiative would have:

  • “FIU’s increased capacity would provide a world-class college education to a greater number of young men and women in the community.
  • The expansion would have a projected initial economic impact of $1.8 billion and an additional annual recurring economic impact of $541 million to the community, above the $8.9 billion FIU already provides.
  • Jobs would be created to support FIU’s expanding student population.
  • There would be no cost to Miami-Dade County or students: FIU will seek financing for the expansion without affecting tuition.”

For more information, visit http://expand.fiu.edu/

What does it mean to vote no?

– FIU will not expand onto the fairgrounds


Her Campus is not politically affiliated in any way and encourages you as an independent thinker to look through the candidates and decide who is right for Florida!

Governor and Lieutenant Governor

Charlie Christ & Annettee Taddeo (DEM)

Rick Scott & Carlos Lopez- Cantera (REP)

Adrian Wylie & Greg Roe (LIB)*

Glenn Burkett & Jose Augusto Matos (NPA)**

Farid Khavari & Lateresa A. Jones (NPA)**

* Libertarian

** No Party Affiliation

Attorney General

Pam Bondi (REP)

George Sheldon (DEM)

Bill Wohlsifer (LIB)*

Chief Financial Officer

Jeff Atwater (REP)

William “Will” Rankin (DEM)

Commissioner of Agriculture

Thaddeus Thad Hamilton (DEM)

Adam Putnam (REP)

Kristen is a third year undergraduate pursuing a dual bachelor's degree in International Relations and Political Science with a minor in Spanish and two certifications in National Security Studies and Latin American and Caribbean Studies. She is heavily involved on campus in organizations such as Relay for Life, Model United Nations, the International Affairs Society, College Democrats, and much more. She is excited to have the opportunity to write for Her Campus since it is a fun and creative outlet to students for campus.
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