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Volunteering Made Easier Thanks to Giv-Now App

Have you ever found yourself wanting to make a positive impact on the world? Volunteering within your community can seem like an easily accessible task. However, most of the time it can become quite difficult to discover local opportunities while also meeting the qualifications required. Luckily, soon we won’t have to deal with these obstacles and can get straight to making a difference with the development of a fresh new social venture platform.

Founded by Kaitlin Dunning, this new app in the making dubbed “Giv-Now” is a for-profit volunteer platform that builds the bridge between charity organizations and volunteers. Thus, Giv-Now connects volunteers to charity organizations while also providing mobile training and allowing for-profit organizations to get involved as sponsors.

“I always thought, ‘There must be an easier way to volunteer!’ and was inspired by my own experience of struggling to find local volunteer opportunities that I was qualified for, and that is how Giv-Now was born,” explains Dunning.

Her dream became a reality when she was featured on theSkimm’s “Get Off the Couch” web series where she had to come up with a 45 second pitch in which she presented Giv-Now to theSkimm founders in LA.

“One of the things I learned in my first competition is that other professional women are great resources, and I’m so glad I met the group of amazing girls who were on my episode with me”, explains Dunning, who felt inspired by her experience and created Fierce Girls Entrepreneurs Club, an online community that offers support for female entrepreneurs.

While Giv-Now is currently in the works, intensive research is being conducted in order to ensure the best and most effective platform is being created. Giv-Now is currently seeking feedback from people like you. Help Kaitlin Dunning help you by filling out a quick 2 minute survey.  

To learn more about Giv-Now and ways you can contribute to its development, visit the Giv-Now site or Facebook page.


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