Victoria's Secret: Clipping their WIngs

There are many things to love about the fall season. Pumpkin spice lattes, cool weather, cute sweaters. These are the staples of autumn time.1995 was the year of a new staple, though. It became one of the most viewed televised events for years to come. For the first time in 24 years, however, the Victoria Secret Fashion Show was canceled. 


The news started to spread only a few days before Thanksgiving; what a way to kick off the holiday season. The fashion show was a chance to see our favorite models walk to the beat of our favorite artist’s songs.

Rihanna, Doutzen Kroes - 2012 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show - Performance

               (Credit: Zimbio)

It was always so cool to see the different concepts and lingerie designs. However, we will not be able to experience it this year. Simply put, the lingerie company didn’t see the televised show helping their sales as they seem to be struggling with finances currently. The show aired before the holidays in hopes to increase the demand of the lingerie seen just in time for Christmas. It’s a smart move, but recent years have decreased in views and demand. 

Perhaps this decrease in business has something to do with their objectification on women. Chief Marketing Officer, Ed Razek, made a statement in regards to their casting about a year or so ago. In that statement, he explained that Victoria’s Secret is not for everyone and it will continue to cater/promote to Hadid-Esque body types. Ultimately, they don’t believe that plus-size models are apart of the “fantasy” they put on stage and neither are transgender women when he was asked if they would cast as such. The internet was surprisingly split in agreement and disagreement with this statement as they are with the cancellation of the infamous fashion show.

Amidst the mess of Victoria’s Secret’s failure, let’s not forget Savage Fenty’s success: a company that found success in their first fashion show which demonstrated its inclusivity and diversity!

(Credit: Popsugar)