The Vegan Beauty Box You've Been Looking For

In today’s world many of us are starting to transition to being more ecologically friendly when it comes to products such as make up, accessories and clothing. Rarely will we find nice products we love that are cruelty free. Luckily on my search I stumbled across the Petit Vour Beauty Box.

I chose to try the Petit Vour beauty box because it’s not expensive and it brings various products in each box every month to try. It’s the best way to start making your beauty routine cruelty free.


The beauty box consists of plant based, non-toxic, cruelty-free products ranging from $45-$60 for as low as $15 per box. You can start our subscription by going to Petit Vour’s beauty box website and creating your profile. While creating it they asked you survey questions on what types of products you prefer such as; lip colors, skin care and hair care preferences to tailor your beauty box uniquely to you. Once your box comes in for the month you can also go back into their website to review the products and receive $4 worth of points for the month. Whether you choose to spend them or save them, it’s money going back into your pocket.


Remember by switching to cruelty free products you will:

  • Prevent animal testing by choosing cruelty-free brands versus traditional ones.
  • Reduce waste
  • Save money. Many cruelty-free brands are less expensive.
  • Free your body of excess chemicals. Our skin absorbs everything!

I've tried Petit Vour's beauty box for three months and cannot get enough of it. I now have various products from face lotions to hair masques to lip colors. My beauty routine has shifted for the better. 

Now you have the knowledge to start making better decisions for yourself that can also have a big impact on animals all across the world.