Uber Last Minute Looks for Ultra

So you and your crew have been planning to go to Ultra for a month now. You read the ridiculous list of restrictions ranging from pacifiers to musical instruments and you're just about ready. If you've procrastinated the outfit again, don’t worry. I have compiled 5 functional, Ultra-friendly looks that you can easily throw together. Remember that these are only suggestions and you can always add your own unique flair! For starters, Forever 21, Claire’s, Hot Topic and Party City will be your best friend with their prices under $20. The best place to pick up body glitter and hair dye will be Hot Topic and Party City. If you want to add accessories like hoops, bangles and bunny ears, Claire’s has you covered. Now, for the look book.

Image: Instagram

  1. Sports bra +leggings This outfit idea works best when you have a matching top and bottom set. Stores like Forever 21 have an active section where you can easily put together this effortless look.

Image: WhoWhatWear

Image: Kalia Richardson

  1. Bralette + Crop top (band tee) + high waisted denim shorts + booties This look is for the girl who wants to look less like an 80’s fitness instructor and more like a trendsetter. For this D-I-Y look, you can take an old band t-shirt and cut it to make a crop top. Then, pair it with high wasted denim or even a highlighter spandex bottom.  Image: Instagram Image: Kalia Richardson
  2. Bathing suit + fishnet stockings This is by far my favorite look! A bathing suit you already own works for a great alternative if you don’t have a bodysuit or time to order one. For example, a bathing suit top with a high waisted bottom or a neon colored one piece is a much cheaper alternative to what you would probably find on Dolls Kill.  Image: Instagram Image: Kalia Richardson
  3. T-shirt dress + fanny pack + neon bangles + nike running shorts Time to start digging through your dad’s wardrobe! By scavenging through his closet, you might be lucky enough to use one of his shirts as an oversized tee. Strapping on a clear fanny pack will cinch your waist, and the black dance shorts will provide that much needed coverage (the more neon the better). To take it to the next level, you can either cut small holes or even tie die the shirt, if time allows. Image: Instagram Image: Kalia Richardson
  4. Bodysuit/Bathingsuit + distressed jean shorts + Converse + GLITTER This final look is simple yet fun. You can find a bando top or bodysuit for under $10 dollars in stores Forever 21 or Topshop at Nordstrom