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Original photo by Carolin Heredia

Twice Vintage: The Best Consignment Shop in Miami

Looking for more sustainable ways of shopping has been on the rise for quite some time, as people have become more aware of the damages and human rights violations propagated by the fast fashion industry. Some people prefer shopping at Goodwill, Salvation Army, or even high-end sustainable brands. My personal preference, though, is shopping at consignment stores—more specifically a dainty, and beautifully curated shop called Twice Vintage. Associate Monica Gonzalez (also the owner’s daughter)—kindly answered some questions about their shop, alongside with Estefania Gorrin. 


When you opened this shop, why did you choose this particular business of consignment?


Monica: Leading up to opening the store I remember I was working at American Apparel, then I had left and since then I would love thrifting vintage clothing. I grew an appreciation for that and then my mom and I would go thrifting all over Miami, and we kind of loved doing that together—so much so that she started working at a consignment store to kind of learn the business, and then we saw that it was something that we could kind of do—apply that like passion towards making a business for ourselves and that’s kind of where it started.


How does consignment work? 


Monica: Consignment is when you take your items to a consignment store and they re-sell it for you, and you receive a percentage of the sale and the house receives [another] percentage of the sale. At this store we take in things that are high end as well as low end—just whatever we think that the customer will like.

Estefania: And if the quality is good.  

Monica: [So] quality, if it’s interesting, unique, [and if there’s] demand for it too. For example, we take Chanel, because the demand for that is high.


How would you describe the perfect customer? 


Estefania: Someone who loves vintage!  

Monica: [Agreeing] Someone who gets it! Someone that comes in and is just transported by the store. And you’ll know it instantly, because they’ll walk up and they’ll be like “Oh my God, I love your store!” or “I need to come back!” or “I need more time!” so that’s when you know that […] people are responding to it well.  


What is your favorite era of fashion?


Estefania: More like the twenties, thirties.

Monica: I guess like seventies—definitely seventies. The twenties are really nice too.

Estefania: I just love the silhouettes of the twenties and the thirties, and the art deco.


As my sight shifted to an early 1900’s beaded purse, I pointed out how beautiful that style was, while we simultaneously agreed that “they just don’t make them like they used to.” 

Estefania: […] Everything isn’t built to last more; it’s just meant for the next trend. 

Monica: Even super high-end bags I find, I think “Oh, this isn’t really crafted to be worth like a thousand dollars.”

Estefania: It’s also really passable trends that they [current fast fashion brands] use, so it’s something that won’t last you. Like a black Chanel [bag] is timeless and anyone can wear that at whatever point in time.


Why should more people shop at consignment stores?


Monica: It’s sustainable for one thing, and I think it also teaches a person how to appreciate things more. I think that when you get stuck in the cycle of buying fast fashion […] you’re already ready to get rid of something; you’re like “Oh I’m going to wear this shirt from Forever 21 for like the next four months and that’s it—that’s the life span of it—unless you never wash it. Also, we really try to pick things that are unique, so I think people see that […]


Visit Twice Vintage at Shops at Sunset Place, 5701 Sunset Dr Suite 174, Miami, FL 33143

Instagram: @shoptwicevintage

Depop: @twiceconsignment 

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