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Cynthia Nixon as “Miranda Hobbes,” Sarah Jessica Parker as “Carrie Bradshaw,” Kristin Davis as “Charlotte York.”

Top 5 Empowering TV Shows For Women

The evolution of television is quite remarkable, especially in terms of feminism. We now see women as leads and the men become the side characters for comedic relief or another obstacle to overcome. It’s important to acknowledge those shows because they uplift us and inspire us to live up to our full potential. Here are our top picks for shows that give us the most girl boss vibes:

  1. The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel: It takes place in 1950’s New York City with beautifully colored clothes and scenery. After her husband cheats on her and leaves her for a younger secretary, Midge Maisel must learn to be indepent and learn to fend for herself in this scary world. She drunkenly stumbles into the Gaslight Cafe one night and preforms an impromtu stand-up comedy routine, and the rest is hisotry….
  2. Sex and the City: Need I say more? If you haven’t watched this show yet then go watch it now! Four best friends in their 30’s learn to juggle relationships and their careers. Carrie, Samantha, Miranda, and Charlotte singlehandedly liberated the women of the 90’s by encouraging them to “have sex like men” and focusing more on the importance of friendship
  3. The Mary Tyler Moore Show: After a painful breakup, Mary Richards decides to uproot her life and move to Minneapolis. She gets a job at the lowest-rated news station as an associate producer. This groundbreaking show takes place in the 1970’s and is the first of many shows to star a single woman trying to make it on her own.
  4. Grace and Frankie: Two elderly women have been friends for years, but when their husbands leave them to be with each other, Grace and Frankie have to live together and deal with their divorces. How are you supposed to start your life all over again in you 70’s? Find out by tuning in on Netflix.
  5. The Mindy Project: Mindy Kaling stars in this hit show as an OB/GYN who struggles with her love life. Mindy is a hopeless romantic who constantly references romantic comedy movies in almost every intro of every episode. She’s dominating the world by being a successful doctor but will she ever live her fairytale dreams?
Gabriela Gutierrez-Gallo is a senior at Florida International University, majoring in journalism with a minor in social media and e-marketing. Her true love is New York City and her interests include home decor, film and television history, traveling, and skincare.
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