The Top 5 Best Instagram Editing Apps

Remember when Instagram filters were all the rage? I don't know about you, but I always considered myself an "Aden" girl. Over time, the world of Instagram photo editing has looked very different. In 2014, for example, adding white borders to your pictures was a must.

As tastes evolve and new trends appear, the editing landscape on Instagram is vast compared to what it was just a few years ago. In present-day 2021, Instagram has emerged as a prominent community that houses influencers and content creators with varied followings. 

These influencers have changed the outlook of the editing world. Today, an aesthetic Instagram feed is crucial, especially to those creators seeking to work with brands. An "aesthetic" feed contains visually pleasing colors, a unique layout, and an overall satisfying feeling of your page.

Due to the impact the influencer community has had on Instagram, many brands no longer care about a large following to work with creators. Instead, the focus is on whether or not they are creating genuine and engaging content.

Many influencers' feeds are composed of well-lit, sharp, and beautiful imagery relating to their corresponding niches of style, beauty, and countless others. Although it may seem daunting, the process of creating a theme and editing your pictures like a content creator is relatively easy. All it takes is knowing where to start!

Here are the top 5 best Instagram editing apps to make your pictures pop just the right amount:

1. Lightroom

My holy grail editing app! Lightroom is the perfect start to editing like an Instagram pro. The app allows you to add customized presets or filters, which you can then use on every picture, adding cohesion to your feed.

2. Snapseed

If you love minimalistic backdrops, you need this app! My favorite feature on the Snapseed app is the ability to extend the background of any picture; it's incredibly versatile and useful.

3. Kuni Cam

The cutest add-on to any pic can be found in Kuni Cam! Kuni Cam is filled with subtle elements to make your pictures stand out, from dust filters to 3D effects.

4. FaceTune

This app receives so much shade just because it's a beauty app. FaceTune is so much more than that and, alongside the beauty effects, the app is equipped with tools to edit unwanted tones and colors in pictures!

5. Adobe Lightroom Photo Editor 

Lastly, Adobe Lightroom Photo Editor is a must for anyone who wants to change the color of anything in their pics! This app fulfills all editing needs and allows you to color change any detail without it looking tacky.

Which one of these are you planning to edit with next?

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