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Top 10 Alexa Demie Fashion Moments

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Season two of HBO hit series Euphoria has recently aired and fans are going crazy!

Aside from all the drama and wild nights, Euphoria is well known for incorporating eccentric makeup looks as well as its stylish wardrobe. Viewers are not only obsessed with some of the characters’ style on screen but also off-screen… more specifically, Maddy Perez who is played by the fashion icon herself, Alexa Demie.

Prior to her time on Euphoria, the L.A. born actress developed an interest in all things beauty — from skincare and makeup to fashion and entertainment. It was because of her mother, Rose Mendez (who dedicated her time working as a make-up artist), that Demie admired the art of makeup.

Though the actress maintains a low-profile outside of the series, she sure knows how to make a fashion statement whenever she’s present on and off the red carpet. With that being said lets dive deeper into Demie’s top 10 most iconic fashion moments.

2016, Modeling in Von Dutch

Shall we take a trip down to memory lane… or 2016 to be exact. Photographed by Niko Karamyan (who appears to be one of her dearest friends), Demie effortlessly poses in an exclusive Von Dutch denim skirt paired with a blush-pink bomber jacket and matching Von Dutch bag. The VD Bowling bags range from $149 to around $799. From the distinct color range to the fun and dainty accessories, this look screams early 2000’s chick flick. Seems like Regina George better watch out because Alexa Demie is not here to play.

2019, seen in Saks Potts

What’s there not to love about a chic fur coat? Fans have gone wild over the Euphoria star and her signature sage-green coat. Following this 2019 post, Demie has often been spotted wearing the smashing clothing item on several occasions. The snazzy piece coming from Copenhagen based brand, Saks Potts, retails for $1,485. If you’re searching for someone who isn’t afraid to branch out and experiment with bright colors or patterns, Alexa Demie is the girl for you.

2019, Euphoria season one premiere

The look that started it all — the iconic snake-print, open back gown that Demie was seen in at the season one premiere of Euphoria. This custom gown designed by Mexican director and designer — Aidan Euan, was paired with a black thong surrounded by Swarovski crystals and matching snake-print gloves. Euan and Demie have collaborated for various events and photoshoots. In fact, many of Euan’s custom pieces have been used in several episodes of Euphoria by Demie’s character, Maddy. How could anyone possibly forget Maddy’s stunning prom outfit! Many other celebrities such as Miley Cyrus, Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Lopez, and more have also been spotted wearing Akna exclusives.

2019, alexa posing for @hisvintagetouch

Besides the breath-taking makeup and fabulous hair done by the hair sculptor himself — Tony Medina, this teal and gold ensemble is everything! Styled by the Latin California native, Raoul Alejandre, Demi is shown in an all teal bodysuit along with a vintage Chanel Belt. Alejandre has previously collaborated with superstars like Zendaya, Willow Smith, Angelina Jolie, and R&B singer, SZA. The limited time Chanel CC Chain Belt pictured on Demie retails for an estimate of $1,800.

2019, photographed in versace

In late 2019 Alexa Demie alongside co-star — Barbie Ferreira, collaborated with German magazine, Numero Berlin. The actress was styled by fashion stylist, Ron Hartleben, in an open-back, draped dress designed by Versace. To further compliment the elegant draped dress, Irish celebrity hairstylist — @AndrewFitzsimons, also got to assist Demie throughout this project. Fitzsimons is well recognized for hair-styling movie star Megan Fox, high-fashion model Bella Hadid, and all of the Kardashian sisters. Demie’s sharp and foxy make-up appearance was once more created by Raoul Alejandre.

2019, Alexa Demie in LaQuan Smith

Ferreira (left) and Demie (right) were pictured on the cover of Numero Berlin Magazine in 2019. The two HBO stars were styled in a leopard-print, fitted dress from LaQuan Smith’s Spring 2020 Collection. It seems both actresses are not only BFF’s in the Euphoria universe but are friends IRL as well!

2021, fairy tales starring Alexa Demie

Artist Petra Collins and Alexa Demie collaborated to create this set of fairytale inspired short stories that was published in late November of 2021 by Rizzoli, a New York bookstore that centers around fashion, photography, and art. Together, the two were able to bring this fairytale to life as Demie posed in several glamorous and surreal costumes photographed by Collins. The Fairy Tales book includes Demie portraying the roles of folklore legends such as a mermaid, fairy, and siren.

2022, alexa for balenciaga

On a Vogue YouTube video, ‘Get Ready For the Season 2 Premiere’, Demie announced that she joined efforts with luxury brand, Balenciaga. Throughout the three minute video, Demie posed in three different custom pieces designed by Balenciaga. The first look modeled by the actress is an all red coat that is to die for! On top of that, Alexa mentions that both the sunglasses and flashy bag are also custom Balenciaga items.

2022, euphoria season 2

SPOILER AHEAD! In Episode 2 of Season 2 of Euphoria, viewers got to see Maddy living her extravagant wardrobe dream! It is safe to say that the one outfit that definitely stood out the most was this elegant, 1991 vintage Thierry Mugler Vampire dress. During “Enter Euphoria: Season 2, Episode 2“, the star mentions that most of the clothes used in that scene were actually borrowed from her friend — Brynn, who decorated the entire closet for that particular scene. What’s a girl gotta do to find a friend like Brynn??? Based in California, Brynn Jones is the founder of vintage store, Aralda Vintage, which is located in none other than Los Angeles, California.

2022, throw-back to y2k

Did we miss #ThrowbackThursday !? The latest Alexa Demie fashion moment that fans are totally living for is this Y2K inspired look. Demie (left) was spotted out with model — Bella Hadid (right), on their way to a birthday party in West Hollywood. Alexa was photographed wearing a leopard-print coat paired with a keyhole dress, flashy sunglasses, and a vintage denim Louis Vuitton bag from a 2005 collection. To the right of Demie, Hadid wore a halter brown dress combined with white booties and an animal print bag. The two totally complimented each others outfits… I sense this might be a popular costume for the upcoming Halloween season — absolutely ICONIC.

Alexa Demie is totally fashion’s new “IT” girl and has set the bar high in the trendy fashion world of Hollywood. From posing in all things Von Dutch while munching on a pretzel to partnering with Balenciaga, there’s nothing the Euphoria actress can’t pull off! Seems Demie’s character and herself share a similar interest when it comes to chic and vintage apparel. I wonder what’s next in store for the one and only, miss Alexa Demie.

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