The Toothpaste That Went Viral

You've seen it, don't even try to say you haven't. Whether it was scrolling through your Facebook feed or through Instagram, Twitter or Pinterest, you've seen the people with black teeth using charcoal toothpaste and that wooden toothbrush. It looks super messy but kinda fun right? Well it is actually. Here are a few things you need to know if you ever debate actually ordering it. 

So Blk Diamond is a brand of charcoal toothpaste. If you've seen charcoal toothpaste ads, it was probably Blk Diamond. Their slogan is "Blk is the new white" because the main purpose of this toothpaste, apart from being funky and messy, is its whitening power. Who doesn't want whiter teeth? Some of the other benefits include: preventing gingivitis and gum disease, decreases inflammation of the gums and it leaves your mouth feeling fresh. Blk Diamond is also vegan friendly with no harsh chemicals. But does it actually work?

Taste, It honestly tastes like nothing. Dry nothing. You wet your toothbrush and dip it in the "toothpaste" which is actually a powder, and then you brush. It's dry and feels alien but easy to get used to. 

Is it really as black as the videos? Oh yes. The black powder is potent so when brushing keeping your mouth closed is key. It will splash all over your sink and a little goes a long way. Your mouth will look like a black hole and your lips will look like you're wearing black lipstick.

Is this something you can fit in twice a day? No, this toothpaste is more of a night time routine addition. The instructions tell you that you have to brush for five minutes. That doesn't seem long until you are actually brushing your teeth for five minutes, opening your mouth as little as possible. It feels like forever. Once you finish your five minutes, you brush with regular toothpaste! So add another two minutes for brushing all that black off your tongue and out from between your teeth. The black rinses out quite easily though, don't misunderstand. But it does get caught between teeth sometimes. So If you're rushing in the morning this is not really the best option for brushing time. Keep it for night time to get the full use out of it. On the topic of mornings, there is one benefit I did notice after a few days use, my mouth felt fresher in the morning after brushing the night before when compared to regular toothpaste used before bed. So that's a bonus I did not expect! 

Does it work? After using it myself, I do think my teeth are definitely whiter. After one use there is a difference for sure, It's not a radiant difference, but there is a difference. After a week I already noticed myself more confident with red lipstick. It's worth a try and it will last. The container looks like it doesn't hold much but once you dip your brush in and use it that first time you'll know you need very little when you do use it. A little goes a lonnnnggggg way. 

After one use

How do I get it? How much is it? Right now you can find it here, and currently it is on sale for $20.99, originally priced at $45.99. 

If you're trying to think of a fun, cool and not super expensive way to whiten your teeth, take a chance on the toothpaste that's gone viral and order it for yourself and see! Good luck!