Tom Hanks is Your Friendly Neighbor Mr. Rogers!

Attention all Mr. Rogers fans, Sony just released the first ever picture of Tom Hanks as the beloved and friendly Mr. Rogers and it’s perfect! Tom Hanks had the iconic red sweater with the white undershirt and tie, the khaki pants, and even the blue shoes he always wore. Tom even dyed his eyebrows and his hair to get more into the character. He sported the same friendly smile, and had the warm fuzzy feeling you got when watching the show Fred Rogers originally started. 

                                                                                  (Photo 1)

With this being the second movie based on Fred Rogers' life, the first one being Won't You Be My Neighbor?, it's said to be a hit in the making. The documentary-styled film released in June got a lot of positive attention, and so this different take with Hanks playing Fred, and Matthew Rhys playing journalist Tom Junod, is said to be within that same realm of doing well in the box office. The focus of this film will be on the relationship between Rogers and Junod, so it's a very different and interesting take that can really go in any given direction. Will it be good? Will it show a dark side of Rogers? Only time will tell. The film began its road to completion September 2018 and is set to hit theaters October 19, 2019.

All of us that grew up with Fred Rogers from the 1970's to the early 2000's will always remember growing up alongside this wonderful man who truly seemed to care a lot about everyone and anyone, and we'll always remember him as our neighbor. With this new film going out, we'll all get a new view on Mr. Roger's and his world from a different view.

I'm definitely excited for this!