Tips To Starting An Instagram Blog

Nowadays, becoming a blogger doesn't mean you need a beautiful website with hyperlinks and five paragraphs. Social media apps like Instagram can be a great base to creating a fun and successful blog. Here are some tips that may be useful in branching out and creating a platform for yourself!

1. Find your topic.

First thing's first- you need to have a topic to focus your blog around. Some of the more popular blog ideas are travel and lifestyle. Be creative, though! If there is passion behind a topic, there are followers waiting to see your passion! Sit down and brainstorm what it is that you want to focus on.

2. Plan ahead.

Gather all the images that you want to upload and edit them. Instagram feeds look best when they are organized and have similar colors in the photos. When you're editing, decide if you want to use a cool tone, warm tone, or neutral colors. The app "Preview" lets Instagram users upload photos to the app to plan out how the feed will look. Make sure to have photos ready to upload. When starting off, it's best to uploading everyday for a month to ensure that your followers will continue seeing your work on the top of their feed.

3. Have an upload format.

Consistency is key. Make sure to tag accounts that are related to the photo, use hashtags, tag the photo location, and include a caption. Captions that are too long are less likely to be read by followers. Make sure your comments are short, sweet, and to the point; however, make sure to say everything you want to say!

4. Engage with other bloggers.

If you want your blog to be successful, you need to engage with other Instagram accounts. Follow accounts that interest you and you would like to see on your timeline. Like and comment on their photos if you like them; they might return the favor! If "non-blogger" accounts engage with you as well, be nice and respond to their comments.

5. Be fresh.

Besides from being consistent and engaging, the quality of the content is just as important as the quantity. Your images should be clear and edited nicely. It is recommended by bloggers to refrain from posting photos from the same day many times because the content wouldn't be unique- your followers would've already seen this, and they are following you to see something new. Think about new ways to post images that will grab the attention from Instagram users.

Hopefully, these tips will be of some use if you consider making an Instagram blog. The most important tip above all is to be devoted. Be content with everything that you want to post and upload it because it makes you happy, not because you feel obligated to. Have fun!