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Tips For Pageant Contestants (Sorority Edition)

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at FIU chapter.

 As you walk around campus you might notice a group of people under colorful tents selling baked goods, throwing pies at each others faces and asking for donations. Well that can only mean one thing… it’s pageant season! If you’re in a sorority, pageant season means it’s time to start saving up that money and clearing up your schedule because that week is going to take over your life and bank account. You are expected to support your sister at all of her fundraising events by showing face or donating money. As a sister, you should also be encouraging other people to attend her fundraisers and donate money by blasting her event posters on social media. It may sound like a lot but that is nothing compare to what the sisters who is actually running for the pageant has to do. 

It takes a lot of responsibility and confidence to run for a pageant. Not everyone is up for the task. You’re not only being the face of your sorority but you are also running to represent the philanthropy of another organization. No pressure right? 

Personally, I have never ran for a pageant but I did help two of my sisters when they decided to run. I was like their “pageant mom”. I got to witness how stressful that week is for them but I also witnessed how they didn’t let that pressure hinder their dedication. If you ever decided to run for one, I highly suggest you get advice from someone who has ran before because they can give you an inside look of what it’s like to be a contestant. 

I interviewed Yazmin Cuellar, Beta Theta Pi’s first ever Miss Shooting Star. On 2016, the Eta Gamma chapter at FIU hosted their first ever Miss Shooting Star pageant and Yazmin won! If you are interested in running for a pageant but have some doubts, here is some advice from Yazmin herself:

  1. What is the first thing a contestant should do when she decides to run for the pageant?

        I think the first thing a contestant should do is know exactly what she’s getting herself into, it’s a lot of work and takes a lot of time. She also needs to know exactly why she’s running, keep it in mind because you will be asked this on stage.

     2. What was the hardest part?

        The hardest part would have to be getting as many people as you can to attend everything you plan and buy all the stuff your selling, one: we are college students and we always tend to be broke and two: pageant season is very demanding when you have multiple friends running for things, how can you possibly help them all.

      3. What would you have done differently?

       I think what I would’ve done different is set up more off campus events such as fundraisers at different restaurants to not just spread awareness on campus but in the community as well, I feel like this would have been much more beneficial.

      4. What was the best part of running for a pageant?

      I think the best part of the pageant for me was seeing how many people I had by my side supporting me and believing in me, I was only a new member at the time of my sorority when I decided to run for this pageant so doing so got me to see what sisterhood was really all about. It helped me not feel alone at FIU anymore and help me come out of my shell and gain a lot of confidence in myself

      5. What is the best advice you could give the contestants?

      My best advice would be to believe in yourself, never give up and never be afraid, if you do this, this will help motivate not only yourself but your supporters and will help you push yourself to keep going and do everything in your power to come out on top. This works so well, the night of my pageant I was so proud of myself, of everything I accomplished in just a few days, that it had taken me years to try and do. I knew I had already won and at that moment I felt it was ok if I didn’t win the title because the experience alone helped me become a better person, the person I was longing to be. 





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