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Timeline of Rihanna and A$AP Rocky’s Relationship

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There’s no doubting that Rihanna and A$AP Rocky are a total power couple. But many have wondered when and how exactly did the two begin to spark dating rumors?

During late 2021 rumors scattered the media claiming that musician and Fenty Beauty CEO, Rihanna, was expecting a child with the New York native rapper, A$AP Rocky. Though RiRi quickly denied the rumors, the two were recently seen walking the streets of New York in late January 2022 where Rihanna was photographed showing off her baby bump. Soon after, Rihanna announced via instagram that the two are expecting a child together and since then has continued to share more baby bump photos — looking as stunning as ever! I mean, can we talk about that pregnancy glow!?

2012, a$ap is featured on Rihanna’s single, “cockiness”

It all started back in 2012, when “Umbrella” singer — Rihanna, got in touch with A$AP Rocky regarding a potential remix of her single, “Cockiness (Love It)”. Shortly after, the duo partnered up for the remix and since then have enjoyed working together on several projects.

The two performed the song at the 2012 MTV Video Music Awards and well… let’s just say thing’s escalated very quickly. In other words, the two were certainly comfortable around one another and some in the crowd believed that there was chemistry between the two musicians during the performance.

2013, the two go on tour together

Just after their performance at the VMA’s, RiRi and A$AP went on tour together. Once again Rihanna contacted Rocky but this time with news related to the rapper being the opening act at her Diamond World Tour. The tour began on Mar. 8 of 2013 and ended on May 5 of 2013.

It seems like Rihanna was extremely fond of his work ethic as she continued to collaborate with A$AP on several future projects such as A$AP Rocky’s Fashion Killa music video.

2015, a$ap denies relationship with rihanna

During a 2015 radio interview on NYC based station — HOT 97, the interviewer asked Rocky about his relationship with Rihanna, stating that fans viewed Rocky’s lyrics as an accurate description of Rihanna. Rocky quickly denied speculations as he referred to the artist as his “homie”.

“That never happened. If it happened, it happened. We didn’t do that. That’s not what I’m looking forward to… I’m looking forward to the friendship”

– A$AP Rocky

Prior to the HOT 97 interview, Rocky had also denied rumors that the two were in item during working on set for an A$AP Ferg music video back in 2013. The rapper claimed that he and Rihanna were just good friends who found joy in supporting one another.

2018, spotted at Louis Vuitton Spring fashion show

In June of 2018, A$AP Rocky and Rihanna were spotted together at Virgil Abloh’s debut show for the Louis Vuitton Menswear Spring/Summer collection.

Though the two were spotted sitting front row alongside each other, both artists were said to be in separate relationships with other public figures — A$AP was reportedly linked to model Kendall Jenner, as Rihanna was allegedly in a relationship with Hassan Jameel, a businessman based in Saudi Arabia.

2019, a$ap makes an appearance at diamond ball for the second year in a row

During 2012, Rihanna founded the Clara Lionel Foundation — a non-profit organization named after her grandparents that aims to support global relief as well as education all around the world. Two years later she hosted the first annual Diamond Ball, a charity event held to contribute to the foundations mission through funds and other donations.

On September 2018, A$AP Rocky attended the event which was held in none other than New York City. Seems that wasn’t the last of Rocky as he also made an appearance at the 2019 Diamond Ball event.

2019, The pair strutted the red carpet at the british fashion awards

Once more, the pair appeared together at another red carpet event. RiRi and A$AP posed beside each other at the 2019 British Fashion Awards. As the two continued to publicly demonstrate support towards one another, rumors began to resurface the internet — especially after the singer shared an Instagram post of the duo, claiming that Rihanna and A$AP were dating.

“Thank you @asaprocky for representing us on the carpet and always being so supportive of @fenty !!” Rihanna VIA Instagram

A few months later, Rihanna was spotted at the rappers set in Stockholm, Sweden.

2020, rihanna and a$ap collaborate for fenty skin plus gq and vogue interview

Summer of 2020, both musicians joined forces as they collaborated for Rihanna’s skincare line — Fenty Skin. As the duo continued to promote their new project, fans began to one more time speculate that the two were romantically involved.

In fact, both Rihanna and A$AP Rocky sat down together for a GQ X Vogue interview.

During the interview, the Fenty CEO asked Rocky about his favorite RiRi outfit which in response A$AP commented, “My favorite outfit of you… the red carpet at the British Fashion Awards. It was fire”. The rapper also told GQ that the most difficult part about working with Rihanna is not laughing the whole time — how sweet is that!?

GQ Interview

2020, christmas in barbados

One month after sources confirmed their rumored relationship, the two were spotted on vacation together in none other than Rihanna’s native country, Barbados. Rocky reportedly spent Christmas in Barbados with Rihanna and her family. Fun fact: The “Everyday” rapper’s father emigrated from Barbados before migrating to the States.

2021, spotted out during a date

In April 2021, the two appeared to be dining together in Los Angeles — the rapper was photographed with his arm wrapped around the singer. Clearly the paparazzi was hard at work as they blessed fans with photos of the new power couple!

2021, gq interview with a$ap rocky

On a May 2021 GQ interview, A$AP revealed that a relationship is “so much better when you got the one”, referring to his pop-star and businesswoman girlfriend — Rihanna. Rocky even shared his thoughts on becoming a father at some point in time. “I think I’d b e an incredible, remarkably, overall amazing dad.” — sounds like GQ might’ve done a little manifesting.

2021, appear at the met gala as a couple

The main event that sparked headlines was the 2021 Met Gala where the duo made their first red carpet debut as an official couple just days after they appeared together on Nicki Minaj’s instagram.

It’s a well known fact that you don’t bring just anyone to the Met Gala, especially if posing side by side!! Both Rihanna and A$AP looked absolutely fantastic in their Balenciaga and ERL designed attire.

Rihanna and A$AP Rocky VIA Instagram

2022, rihanna confirms pregnancy via instagram

Finally, during late 2021 rumors began that the singer was expecting a child with the NYC rapper. Despite the fact that RiRi shortly denied the claim during a DM conversation she had with a fan, it was no time before photographs of the duo swiftly surfaced the internet… for the main reason that RiRi posed with her baby bump!

On February second of 2022, Rihanna announced the big news via Instagram.

Rihanna VIA Instagram

Fans are extremely excited to learn that the couple are expecting their first child years after being rumored to be dating. With parents like A$AP Rocky and Rihanna, this baby is totally one of the coolest people ever already!

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