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Timeline Of Addison Rae’s Family Feud

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I’m sure everyone has seen some new drama from Addison Rae’s parents here and there. Since there’s so much going on making it hard to keep up, here’s a brief rundown of how it all started and how it’s going.

Monty and Sheri’s On-and-Off Marriage

-After giving birth to Addison Rae, they got married in 2003, but a year later, they ended up getting divorced. But in 2006, they got back together and had Rae’s two younger brothers, Enzo Lopez and Lucas Lopez. By 2017, they remarried when Addison Rae was blowing up on TikTok.

Monty Caught Cheating With Multiple Women

-Things started going downhill when Renée Ash came out with her five-month-long affair with Monty. She stated she was misled by Monty, who told her he was divorcing Sheri. There have been multiple leaked text messages of them talking about having kids, having met Monty’s family, and Ash trying to end things when Monty didn’t want to. On top of that, fans have already spotted Monty’s multiple affairs. Eventually, Sheri and Addison got word of this and unfollowed Monty.

Monty and Yunggravy Beef

-Yunggravy is typically known for flirting with mom, so it was no surprise he came across Sheri on his FYP (For You Page-TikTok). When Monty got word of this, he challenged the rapper to a boxing match. Since that TikTok, they have been going back and forth through warnings, threats, and diss songs on Monty’s part.

Yunggravy and Sheri At The VMA’s

-This is when the drama began kicking into high gear. Throughout the VMA’s Yunggravy and Sheri were touchy, flirty, and presented themselves as a couple.

What Addison Thinks About This

-While she’s kept quiet on the matter, she voiced her opinion the minute Monty made an OnlyFans. A close source has stated she is embarrassed by the whole situation and wants nothing to do with it.

Final Thoughts

-I haven’t been a follower of Addison, but I genuinely feel bad for her. To have your parents act this way when you have an established career and projects down the line is distracting and unacceptable. As for her parents, I’m on Sheri’s side. Both Addison and Sheri deserve a better man in their lives.

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