TikTok: The New Vine?

    2013 was a year full of some of the most memorable pop culture occurrences to today's date. Beyonce released her infamous Drunk In Love, Miley Cyrus gave the performance of a lifetime on the MTV Awards, and the Harlem Shake was everyone’s favorite party trick. But the one symbol of 2013 that will go down in history: Vine. 

    Vine is what started many influencers we know today and the memes we love most, but the end of vine came only three years later when the app was modified and discontinued the ability to post content. Even with the introduction of Instagram videos and V2 (Vine 2.0), the content wasn’t the same. Now, in 2019, there might just be the alternative we’ve needed. 

    TikTok, formally known as Musically, has evolved from a lip-sync app to what Vine would’ve been had it lived on. The app features a wide range of music and sounds that are used for acting scenarios, makeup tutorials, art and comedy. Many dance trends start on Tik Tok now as well - just as they did on Vine. In addition, the “VSCO girl” and “E (boy/girl)” trend started as a meme, but has now influenced a lot of teen fashion. 

    From dance trends to fashion trends, Tik Tok has become a spot for claims to fame. Artists like SavageGa$p have increased their fanbase and song streams solely from TikTok. Even Lil Nas X had a little help from the users of Tik Tok to spread a few of his songs.  That being said, no matter how cringey some may deem it, it’s a great platform for up and coming artists. 

    TikTok can be cringey at times as any social media can be. However, it’s important to recognize the good that has come from it. This platform for artists and teens has created a community for creative minds around the world. There’s a little bit of something for everyone; comedy, art, fashion, dance, etc.. So while it may not ever live up to what we loved about Vine, it's a close runner up!