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Three Simple Ways To Improve Driving Skills

Recently, a lady slammed into my car while at a red light and it honestly scared me to death. The impact of the hit was something unexpectant and my body was in total shock. Luckily, my car ended up being just fine, me a little shook up and her car with some damage to the front. I learned a few things from this minor accident that I want to share with you to hopefully help you just be more alert for yourself on the crazy roads of Miami.


  1. Be Off Your Phone As Much As You Can AT RED LIGHTS

Crazy to admit, but we all usually check our phones at red lights because hey, our attention span is pretty short compared to a red light’s timing (LOL). But, I think it is okay to check your phone at red lights, but not up until the second of the color turning green. I think it’s important to know your surroundings and be able to be attentive to when to push down on gas at the right moment when at red lights. This way, everyone behind you can be in sync as well and you’re not left there with honks coming from angry drivers behind. This just helps keep you on track with timing and can avoid any minor incidents.


2. Eliminate Driving At Crazy Hours

The day of my accident, I decided to go to the gym at a complete different time than I usually do, which is the morning. And of course, the afternoon time was rush hour and the craziest of crazy drivers are on the roads because everyone is in a hurry to get home or to reach their late afternoon destination. So, if you don’t HAVE to be on the road at bad times like 5pm-7:30pm, don’t be. I think you eliminate so much more stress and anxiety by not placing yourself on the road during those crazy times.


3. Watch Out For Not Only You, But Others

It’s hard enough focusing on our own driving, but we need to look out for other’s too. Simple triple-takes when turning, using your rear view mirrors to the max and just watching for those people who have never heard of a “blinker” nor know how to use it. Keep yourself aware in your own car of not just you, but others too. This can help protect you from many close calls on the roads. Noticing small things become huge things when it comes to driving.


I hope these few driving tips help you to drive safer and feel more confident doing so!




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