Thoughtful Gift Guide 2020

Black Friday’s just around the corner, which means so is our holiday gift shopping. While COVID-19 has impacted the finances of many, and we’ll be celebrating differently this year, there are still doable ways of letting our loved ones know we care. Here are some thoughtful gifts that might not break the bank, but the receiver may just break into crying of joy. 


1. A Happy Planner

For the planner in your life, or the one that’s looking to get it together in 2021. The Happy Planner isn’t just any planner, it genuinely brings joy to those who use it- with fun designs and useful sections that make you want to plan! Add some planner stickers and you might’ve just gifted your loved one a new hobby!

2. Their childhood movies on DVD

Not only do these make for great entertainment when the internet goes out, but who doesn’t love nostalgia?! The excitement of hearing “Coming soon to DVD,” when we couldn’t easily re-watch previews of films on YouTube; the bonus features; the extended scenes! Gift your loved one a trip back to some of their favorite childhood memories. Pro-tip: lots of thrift stores tend to have their DVD section! Double the goodness of gifting by shopping sustainably. Not to mention, the prices are super great- ranging anywhere from $1-$5. If they don’t own a DVD player and you’d like to gift them one, they typically run for about $20 in stores.

3. A care package with their favorite snacks

This one is especially meaningful if your friend or family member is far away from you this holiday season. And all that more joy-inducing if the snacks are tailored to a location (for example, Hispanic snacks that you might only find in Miami and not Kentucky). 

4. A scrapbook of your favorite memories together

Even if your loved ones are not too far from you this year, we can all agree we haven’t been able to create memories the way we usually do. Putting together a scrapbook reminds us of moments we might’ve forgotten and brings us back to the joy we felt in them- reminding us that that kind of moment and feeling.

5. A disposable camera

A disposable camera is such a fun way to document/be creative without worrying- no filters; no space to take a hundred photos of the same thing to then spend hours deciding on one; the editing and focus are automatically done for you. It’s a great gift for a photography enthusiast, but also just as fun and grounding for someone not so artistically inclined. Suggestion: try to add a theme for the camera. For example, “use this camera to take a picture of a moment when you feel happy” or “use this camera to take photos of things that inspire you.”

6. A handwritten letter/card

Nothing is more touching than knowing someone took the time to sit down and write you a note, a card, or a letter. Yes, even *more* than a long text message. In a world where your phone is probably right next to you as you’re reading this, taking out a sheet of paper and pen requires more intentionality. Writing to a friend or loved one, thanking them for being there for you, telling them about the goodness in the world, reminding them that they matter and are capable is a great way of practicing being intentional in our relationships. It serves as a reminder that genuine and meaningful connections are always possible.

7. Their favorite dessert

Whether it’s on your holiday’s morning, in the evening, the night before, or even on New Year’s Eve, it’s impossible to not smile when your favorite cake or cookie shows up at your door. Add a note on top and you’ve got yourself the sweetest gift- literally. 

8. A holiday postcard

This is perfect for an out-of-state friend, especially one that hasn’t yet visited where you’re currently located. Share with them a little bit of where you are, while also giving them another idea of somewhere to visit when this is all over. 

9. A personalized ornament

This one is definitely a classic, but that doesn’t make it any less fun or thoughtful! If you’d like to put a twist on it, try choosing a fun theme, such as the person’s favorite TV show, movie, meme, or celebrity. 


Whatever you gift your loved ones this year, remember that it’s the most thoughtful gifts, not the most expensive, that bring the most joy.