A Thanksgiving Ordeal

As Thanksgiving is quickly approaching, it is a time of year when the whole family gets together and enjoys a pleasant dinner, or so we thought. The worse position someone can be in is deciding to whose house they are going to go to have dinner at while not neglecting other family members invitation. Oh, and let's not forget the in-laws invitation either. The last thing you want to do on this day is to disappoint anyone whom you love especially your parents and your significant other. A typical Thanksgiving ordeal would be, the turkey has burnt in the oven, you decided to go have dinner at your significant other’s house instead of choosing to have dinner with your own family, and at the end of the night everyone is unpleasant on how the Thanksgiving food turned out to be, might I say that would be a tough crowd to get through. Though, a way to avoid a Thanksgiving ordeal would be to:

  1. Communicate: It is important to have consistent communication with both your parents and in-laws during this time when deciding who’s going to be hosting the Thanksgiving dinner. You don’t want either family having a full turkey in the middle of the table for dinner and not knowing who is going to be present.
  2. Thanksgiving lunch: Hosting a Thanksgiving lunch would be practical as both families has the opportunity of having their selected guests come during the lunch and the other family guests coming at night for the dinner, while at the end of the night having had spent Thanksgiving with your family and your significant other’s family and everyone ends up being happy.
  3. Combining the dinner: If you don't want to be that person running around like a headless chicken who ruins someone's Thanksgiving dinner, then combing all the dinners into one sounds like a solution. Though, of course, this would only work if your significant other’s family and your family get along.

P.S. Have your outfit planned beforehand even though you are most probably going to get dressed up to go nowhere and just walk around the kitchen but hey, at least you’ll be looking good and not making it a Thanksgiving Ordeal. 

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