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Puerto Rican artist Rauw Alejandro takes a step on junglism, samba, and tech house for his new album ‘Vice Versa’.

We all love reggaeton, but this album has been a breath of fresh air in music overall not just the urban/reggaeton genre. With collaborations with huge artists in the industry like Anitta, Jowell & Randy, Lyanno, this album is full of surprises.

”This is the music I like to do,” he tells Billboard. This album is full of creativity and it is a perfect sequel to ‘Afrodisiaco’, his former album because it was not just reggaeton but it included other genres such as pop, tech house, bossa nova, and junglism. The album gets more interesting as you keep listening to it, it is a complete experience of something that an urban artist from this generation has not done yet.

This album took him to a new level of recognition throughout the world, making people that are strange to the reggaeton world recognize him thanks to the song that started all of this: Todo De Ti. Mr. Naisgai and Calloway have also been a huge part of the production of this album, bringing their innovative views for Rauw to navigate into new genres.

He has started something that will be going on for years and that he will be remembered for. By scoring his first number 1 on Billboard with this album he sets the bar high for newer generations that are to come.

I am an international FIU student from Ecuador majoring in Public Relations, Advertising & Applied Communications. I have always been very creative and I love everything related to art, that's why writing is not only a passion for me but something that is part of who I am. Moving to New York City after graduation is my ultimate goal. One thing that keeps me motivated through it all is knowing that what I do now serves for my growth and the realization of my goals in the future.
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