Super Oil Giant Shell is Going Green

Recently our carbon footprint has kept increasing more and more and it’s at its all-time high. Most companies have done the bare minimum in trying to reduce their emissions into the environment. But an oil giant, Shell has recently announced that they will halve their carbon footprint and double their spending on green energy.

Shell has bowed to cut their net carbon footprint by one-fifth by 2030 and in half by 2050. They’ve been promoting these efforts mainly after buying First Utility (one of UK’s largest energy suppliers). Shell proceeded to then re brand it and switch its clients over to renewable oil and electricity expanding its low carbon business, according to UK news organization Reuters.


The company is also attracting more consumers by offering Shell Energy clients discounts on electrical vehicle charging and up to 3% on fuel at their larger petrol stations.


Although some may argue that it’s not a significant amount of shell’s money going into greener energy, it is a huge step compared to other companies. Hopefully in the near future we’ll continue to see bigger and quicker efforts in reducing our carbon footprint.