Study Smart, Not Hard

With finals approaching, more students are spending less time going out and more time in the library. We all know the importance of studying and its crucial role in helping you pass your classes. What a lot of students don’t know is that there are tips and tricks on how to study more effectively to boost your chances of getting that ‘A’ on an exam.

First and foremost, try to approach studying for a test in a more positive light, rather than seeing it as a necessary task. This simple trick can help you feel more motivated and possibly help to retain information much easier.

Where you choose to study is also a key factor that many students tend to overlook. When choosing a place to study, stay away from areas that might end up distracting you such as your dorm room. The library or a quiet coffee shop are fantastic options to study at without any distractions coming your way.

When you find yourself studying, only bring the items you need. Try to avoid brining extra items as they can end up causing a distraction. If you have hand-written notes, try to avoid bringing your laptop since it can end up causing a distraction.

Also, find a way to write your notes that will best help you when reviewing them later on. For example, many people find that when they connect similar concepts together they can easily remember it for the exam. Highlight important key terms so you’re able to prioritize what’s most important when studying. It’s also known that mouthing the words out loud of the notes you’re copying right before your exam can help you potentially pass.

Goodluck to everyone in these last few weeks of the semester!