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Study completely eliminates the “Dairy creates more mucus” when you are sick theory

Flashback to the good old days where you had no responsibilities whatsoever, you know that time when you were a kid? Those years spent clueless about paying phone bills and rent or better yet working and going to college at the same time while also trying to maintain a sane life. Weren’t they great? The funny thing is about being a kid is that you are not only absolutely clueless about the world outside of our 8 – 2 PM Monday – Friday schedules but we are also completely gullible about basically everything. It’s those times where we believed our parents knew all the magic portals of the galaxy and till this day I will never forget when I discovered that to be totally false. I still call out my dad for helping me get a big fat “D” on a math assignment. It didn’t get real though until we were faced with the worst of the worst, the cold. That’s when we felt at our most vulnerable stage and the only people that we could even fathom to think of to cure it was our parents. We just really hated the “No Dairy rule” throughout the whole shindig. 

Dairy was a big no-no if you wanted to get better when I was growing up and I’m sure it was for you too. Unfortunately, the whole no dairy theory was just a myth all along according to Dr. Ian Balfour-Lynn, a pediatric pulmonologist from London. In his research, he states that this theory has been ongoing since the 1200’s and that if anything the “no dairy” rule might have actually hurt you rather than help you and I’ll explain why. Children should not be deprived from dairy because it can lead to deficiency in calcium creating shorter statures and reduced bone mineral density. Basically, bone fractures become way more common than they should and we might have stunted our growth. 

So what does dairy actually do that lead to this myth? It just makes your mucus feel thicker. This doesn’t mean you are producing more mucus, it just means that because milk is an emulsion of fat in water it affects the sensory perception when mixing it with your own saliva which explains why it might be feeling a little crowded in there.  There you have it gals another day, another childhood myth debunked. 

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