Staying Organized and Motivated in 2019

As we begin the New Year, we can take in a breath of fresh air as we embark on the journey that 2019 will surely bring us. Most of us have set goals, others have promised this year will be theirs. Those of us starting school again, or those of us graduating soon, have to worry about all of the above and how to stay motivated and organized for the coming semester. Others want to keep their motivation and organization skills for their jobs, but how exactly do we do this?  

1. Set a list of goals, as long as you need it to be, then take that list and split it up into quarters; this gives you the chance to think hard on which goals will be most acheivable within which months, and what time frame you'll be able to complete them. It will motivate you to complete all the goals you've set for yourself, without feeling overwhelmed by a long list of things to do. Crossing them off your list will make you feel good and productive, and it will motivate you to keep completing them.

2. Remind yourself that you only have four months in a full semester of college. As we get older, time seems to pass by even quicker; I mean it's already halfway through Janurary and it feels like New Years Eve was just nights ago. Break down the assignments and classes you have for the semester into those four months, and complete them sooner rather than later. It will give you motivation to complete things earlier so you aren't overwhelmed towards the end of the semester, and you'll have more free time to enjoy your weekends.

3. Keep track of what you need to do, for each day and each month. Simple enough, but many of us struggle finding out which way is the best for us to keep organized for the coming year. The good news is you have a whole year to test out what option(s) work best for you; functionality is key.

  • White boards: You can purchase a regular white board or one with the days of the week for pretty cheap at Target or Amazon, along with some dry-erase markers. Hang it up in your room in a place where you will for sure see it every day. After that, just keep a running to-do list of what you need to complete for the day/week. Whether it's assignments for class, or your schedule for work; you can definitely find this an easy way to keep yourself accountable and organized. 
  • Calanders: Similar to white boards, you can write things you have due or important upcoming events for the month. You will find limited space in the squares of a calander, so i recommend this mode of organization for those using it to write things related to their jobs and personal events, as opposed to someone who is taking multiple classes with different amounts of assignments due.
  • Applications: This is a more economic way to keep track of your events, assignments, work schedules and more. It works like a regular calander but you can bring it with you on your phone or any electronic you use often. You can keep things color coded -- and the Apple calander gives you the option to add the time it takes to travel to your destination.
  • Planners: Simple enough, and also a form of organization most people know about. You can find planners for cheaper than $5 or planners that are as expensive as $60. Whatever works best for you, is what you should consider when picking a planner. It doesn't have to be the most beautiful planner, or the one with the most stickers or pockets. As long as it is functional and you can get the best use out if it, it'll work. Planners have many versions -- horizontal layouts, pages for notes or goals, monthly overview, as well as weekly ones; are best at keeping track of both school and work, as it has the msot space.
  • Bullet Journal: This is my personal favorite method of organization as it is cheap, you can create it yourself, and it gives you the option to keep it minimal or create your own fun and coloful view of organization. If you haven't heard of bullet journaling, you can click here to see my article explaining it more in depth, as well as, a few people I think do a great job of explaining it on Youtube! 

4. Give yourself a reward for every assignment that you completed before or by its due date. Whether it's purchasing an item or taking the time to plan a trip you've worked hard to earn it. It will keep you more motivated knowing something awaits you at the end of a long 10 page essay or a gruelling week of work.

5. Have a support system that will not only keep you accountable for completing assignments, but will also study with you and vice versa. Having friends or classmates constantly remind you of due dates, exam dates, etc., will definitely keep you organized and motivated to complete everything you need to do and will possibly give you the grades you wanted in the first place!

The truth is, there are many ways to stay organized and motivated; you just need to find which one fits you best!