Starbucks Releases New Pink Frappuccino Just In Time For Spring

The flowers are blooming, the skies are clearing, and the birds are chirping which means that Spring is almost here (March 20th to be exact). Starbucks seems to have fully grasped our need for ice cold blended drinks in this flabbergasting heat and they have just released a new item on their famous menu. The Strawberry Honey Blossom Creme Frappuccino is just as pretty as its name. Get ready to see this blended blush drink on all social media sites because everyone that is anyone is gonna rave about how pink and frilly it is.

We can't count our blessings yet because unfortunately, this delicious and gorgeous-looking drink is only available in Thailand and Hong Kong for the time being. That doesn't mean we can't go on the internet and search till our hearts are content with more information on it, and ask our favorite Starbucks baristas to make it for us. Inspired by the official flower of spring itself the cherry blossom, this fruity drink is made up of Strawberry smoothie creme, honey infused whipped cream, a serving of dried strawberries thrown in the mix and to top it all off, a dash of pink rice puffs for added sugary delight. Talk about a whooping measure of caloric goodness? It's only a matter of time till they release these in the states, keep your eyes out for a pastel pink frap at your nearest Starbucks because you're gonna want to experience this one for yourself.