Starbucks Happy Hour is Coming Back

Talk about heaven on earth for coffee and tea lovers everywhere. Starbucks has decided to bless us with their happy hour specials that we haven't seen since 2010. The new and improved program will now include more than just your average frappuccinos, iced teas and espressos will be added to the menu and the price depends on the deal of the day. Now, you might be out there jumping for joy but don't get too excited yet because there seems to be a catch. You will only get to experience these discounted prices only if you get a formal invitation from Starbucks themselves through email or their mobile app.

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So how do you get a spot on the privileged happy hour list? Well if you haven't guessed it by now just download the Starbucks mobile app and signup for their rewards loyalty program or simply just the happy hour club! All you'd have to do is turn on your push notifications on your phone and be on the lookout for those invites. You don't even have to worry about rushing to any of your nearby locations because once you do get a notification, you'd have from 3 p.m. till closing to get the caffeine dose of your choosing for 50% it's regular price! The Happy Hour will apparently run all year long starting Thursday, March 29th.