Sisterhood of The Traveling Cheetah Print Scrunchie

One of my favorite Disney Channel Original movies growing up was The Cheetah Girls. Not only was it filled with iconic bops that had me singing in the shower for weeks on end or unforgettable quotes such as, “If he can’t respect the art, he can’t have my heart”  - that I would constantly repeat at the age of six for no reason. I was not only fascinated by the impeccable fashion choices of combining mixed leopard and cheetah prints to create unique ensembles that screamed confidence. The Cheetah Girls was one of my favorite movies when I was younger because I was astounded by the fierce female friendships cultivated that relied on love, appreciation for one another, and undeniable loyalty. The Cheetah Girls were a group of four individuals, each having unique experiences, that came together to form an unbreakable bond that supported and lifted one another no matter the circumstances.

The Cheetah Girls inspired me to seek out my own girl gang and I am forever grateful to have found them. Some people might say that having a group of girls only calls for cattiness and an overwhelming amount of drama and gossip, but that is not the case. Having a close-knit circle of female friends can be empowering, motivating, and provide comfort that is not always easy to find. Confiding in a support system that you know will always have your back and tell you how it is when necessary is extremely important.

My female friendships have guided me throughout the years and have encouraged me to always be the best version of myself without harsh judgments. I have found friends that will make sure I ate something after a long day and if I haven’t, they are the first to offer a granola bar. I have found friends that will climb on top of a tree to make sure they get the best lighting to take a picture. I have found friends that I will stay up with until three in the morning and friends that will wait for me while I’m tying my shoelace on the sidewalk. Just as my friends always have my best interest at heart, I hold the same compassion and admiration to stop at nothing to make sure they know I will always be there for them in the blink of an eye. 

Creating friendships is not always as simple as it seems and can take some work. However, when you reach a point in a friendship, especially a female friendship, the love present and dedication that sparks personal growth is like no other. Surround myself with strong women with unique experiences has only made me stronger and see the value in friendships. Instead of tearing each other down and devaluing the valid emotions and opinions women have, create a girl gang that strives to inspire and uplift one another because from the wise words of The Cheetah Girls, “We are sistas, we stand together!”