The Shades Of Kylie Jenner's 2018 Spring Lip Kit

As if having a baby doesn't take up most of your time Kylie Jenner has done it once again and she's effortlessly set out to win our hearts all over again after the surprising release of "Weather" in tribute to her new baby girl Stormi, it seems she set out to also release a limited spring edition of her infamous lip kits that will feature three new fabulous shades along with a fan favorite that are just must haves if you are a makeup fanatic. The new shades are set to go on sale on April 10th so be sure to mark your calendars for this release because as we all know they are known to sell out quite fast. 

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The three new shades that will be featured in the spring collection are Say No More velvet, a very bright fuchsia; Ironic, a gorgeous olive like hue; Boss, your classic red matte and the restocked Bare will also be included which we all know is obviously the needed nude lip that should be in every girl's makeup bag. I'm already imagining the incredible amount of hype Ironic is gonna get out of this release because c'mon is it or is it not the perfect army green? Make sure to check out on the 10th for the full scoop or head on over to their official instagram to see real live swatches and even Kylie herself rock the new shades.