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SeaWorld Will Be Letting Go of Over 350 Employees

For years now, it is not a secret that SeaWorld, which is home to many beloved marine life characters, has struggled with park attendance. Due to this, the company has decided to let go over 300 employees.

According to spokesperson Aimee Jeannsone-Becka, there are no future plans to fill these positions. Most of the jobs that will be voided are administrative, the positions that are meant to deal with the public such as performers will not be effected. Since this past Wednesday, around 79 jobs in California have been officially closed. Orlando representatives have yet to disclose how many positions will be closed at their location. This will hopefully help the company save enough money to revamp the infrastructure. In SeaWorld Orlando, there are plans to build a new raft ride with a 40-foot drop currently named “Infinity Falls” and it is projected to open sometime next summer.

SeaWorld, which has dealt with a lot of controversial backlash during its run, has had attendance decrease significantly. In August, they reported a drop of about 353,000 guests in the first half of the year compared to 2016 statistics. Talk of a company sale has also been swirling around but spokeswoman Jeannsone-Becka has declined to comment on those speculations stating that the company never addresses rumors.

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