The Ripple Effect

Is it your desire to be center stage with the lights shining at you? While in the background, fans are screaming both your name and singing back to you? Do you want to feel the rush other artists experience?  Maybe you're a small band who wishes to begin your journey somewhere. Perhaps you even wanted to go to those singing competitions but fear that you may not be 'good enough.'

Well, you've come to the right place.  A group of like-minded individuals will be hosting what is to be "South Florida's Biggest Artist Showcase."

The showcase, created by Alex 'Wednesday' Colon, is called The Ripple Effect. It will take place on January 18, 2019, at  Revolution Live! in Fort Lauderdale, FL. The central focus for the event is to provide artists with a platform that will "help ignite their stage presence and give them a kick-start to their career. " This is perfect for anyone wishing to broaden their spectrums, make connections, and collaborate with other artists.

To be a part of this event the artists must submit an epk link including videos, music, photos, and media and send it to [email protected]. The team will then look through all submissions and if selected they will send out "an official invite email as well as an artist agreement."

The best part is there is no age limit, no deadline as to when you can submit your work ( since its a quarterly event), and you won't need to worry about stage presence. Just remember to submit it early for a fast reply and a better chance of being selected for January's show.

This isn't exclusive to just artists. No, this event is also looking for vendors who wish to broaden their spectrum. The Ripple Effect is looking for designers, visual artists and any form of creatives as vendors. Those wishing to apply will need to send a description of the business and show their work! If approved they will receive an email confirmation and a contract agreement.

Vendors need not worry about location as they will place each vendor in notable areas throughout the venue. They'll try to set the vendors up where they think will get the greatest interaction with the audience.  Artist can also be vendors if they have their own merch. They will also need to re-apply and submit their merch to the email provided. For more information, you can always contact them via their Instagram, @sfltherippleeffect. Things to look forward too:" ART! TALENT! MUSIC! FREE MERCH! " And who knows who might be around...

The Ripple Effect was formulated after Alex, as an artist himself, wasn't being invited to play with other local musicians. He would contact both venues and artist in hopes of being part of the show, but he would also get the same phrase, "maybe next show!" He then came up with the idea of creating an ambiance for other artists who happen to be in the same boat. 

With the help of Ty Law, who hosted parties and produced shows during college, Marisa Petrillo, who works "in production for some of entertainments hottest concert," and Ashley-Cree Maddix, scout, and PR professional with 6 years of working entertainment, all have come together to create this event.