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Rihanna: The Woman Who’s Taking The World By Storm

The woman, the star, the absolute legend: Rihanna. Whether you know her from her music, her makeup line, her fashion sense, her fashion line with Puma, or her lingerie line, we all know one thing about her: she’s the embodiment of the word iconic. It seems as if every time we turn our heads she’s trending on all forms of social media, not that any of us are complaining.  Whether she’s coming out with more products in Fenty Beauty, coming up with beautiful lingerie with Savage Fenty, or receiving the Harvard Humanitarian Award she’s truly an inspiration to all women out there.

Born Robyn Rihanna Fenty in Barbados, Rihanna is a real-life “rags to riches” princess story, except she’s a strong self-made woman who never needed a man to help her. If that doesn’t inspire you to do better in life, nothing will. Rihanna’s career started with music and she gave us timeless songs like “Umbrella” and “Stay.” These songs have won her 13 awards and 25 nominations! She even won a VMA this year without having put out new music in a whole year (I’m telling you, she’s iconic). After music, she decided to delve into the fashion industry and create a fashion line with Puma called “Fenty Puma” that consists of a large range of unique clothes and shoes. After she absolutely dominated the music and fashion industry, she decided to attack the makeup industry and she did not disappoint. Rihanna came out with 40 shades of foundation (yes you read that right, 40 shades), a foundation primer, beautiful highlighters, contour/concealer sticks, and brushes. Her makeup line can be described as one of the most inclusive and unique makeup lines on the market today. Her inclusivity and uniqueness make it easy to boast about her brand. Other makeup brands have woken up and started extending their shade ranges as well, seeing that the large range of shades gave a bad name to the simple and common light, medium light, and medium. This step that Rihanna took shook the makeup world into the reality of how “exclusive” some brands are to lighter skin tones.

If the music, fashion, and makeup wasn’t enough for you to realize Rihanna should be the next ruler of the new world, here is another reason to love her. Rihanna founded a charity called The Clara Lional Foundation in 2012. The foundation helps to fund education and emergency response around the world. To help gain funds and awareness for this charity she hosts an annual “Diamond Ball”. This year not only did she host the ball but she created a highlighter called the “Diamond Ball-Out” Killawatt Highlighter, all the proceeds of this highlighter will be donated to the charity. At checkout customers have the option to donate more money as well (The link is  down below for those of you interested). None of her efforts with charity and work in Barbados went unnoticed either, in 2017 Harvard rewarded her with the Harvard Humanitarian Award.

Whether it be through charity, music, makeup, or fashion, Rihanna has given back to the world more in her thirty years of living than most public figures have in their whole lifetime. Given that, a lot of people should look to her as the role model many little girls need in their lives. She may not be the stereotypical Mother Theresa that parents want their little girls to look up to, but she’s the one that will show them that anything in the world is possible if you want it bad enough.

If you’re interested in buying the highlighter and donating to her foundation, click here:


Angely is a Biology major on a Pre-Med track, she is hoping to be either a Neurologist or Oncologist in the future. She has a high interest in the Environmental Sciences and hopes to get her Master's degree and Ph.D in Environmental Sciences in order to do research on coral reefs. She is a volunteer at Nicklaus Children's Hospital and Co-Fundraising chair for Tri Beta.
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