The Remake

On January 2018 the legendary Hollywood director, Steven Spielberg, had sent out a nationwide cast for his adaptation of the broadway musical, 'Westside Story.' After 300,000 people worldwide sent their audition tapes, uploaded their musical covers, and waited in line to physically audition, Spielberg has finally cast his  Maria, Anita, Bernardo, and Chino. 

Ever since Spielberg, Tony Kushner, and Cindy Tolan were set out to find their Maria there were speculations that the role was being considered to nonother than Miami native, Camila Cabello, however now we know this was just a rumor. The role of Maria went to New Jersey native Rachel Zegler, a novice in the movie industry, who will be sharing the limelight with Ansel Elgort. The role of Anita went to Ariana DeBose, musical theater actress, David Alvares as Bernando, a musical theater performer, and Josh Andres Rivera as Chino.

Those who are avid musical theater fans or are just fans of the movie rendition with Natalie Wood and Rita Moreno will be happy to know that Speilberg stayed true with his words and cast latinx people for the roles. He even went to Puerto Rico to make sure that the movie was authentic as possible considering that the 1961 movie with Moreno and Wood faced backlash with brown facing the cast. Spielberg is going out his way to make sure that the movie, which is set to film in summer, is as accurate as possible. 

Rumor has it that there will be more scenes that are included in the theater production that wasn't in the 1961 film.  Let us pray that Tony Kushner blesses us all with the iconic introduction between the Jets and the Sharks. However, these are just some speculations. Theater fans should not take my word for account especially after the whole 'Camila Cabello is Maria' rumor. 

Even before Spielberg finalized his cast, there were various outraged fans who did not want another re-make. Twitter users went crazy when Spielberg announced the re-make, one even stating " West side story is a perfect movie. Pure and utter perfection. No remake is necessary. I hate this is happening, ". Even now there are some people who are outraged by the fact that the movie was given the green light to continue.  " Um WHAT. West Side Story is my FAVORITE musical and I can't believe they are remaking it. WHY RUIN A GOOD THING. I think this is the first time in my life I've ever been mad at a remake," said another Twitter user.

But, by now there is nothing that those mean comments can do but wait for the actual film to come out and see just how well Speilberg did to re-create this movie. Will Speilberg, Kushner, and Moreno make everyone in the theater leave singing the chorus of 'Tonight,' or will this be a miss? Spielberg is a world-wide, A list director, who has directed movies such as The Jurassic Park trilogies, E.T., and Indiana Jones (which production for the new Indiana Jones film be pushed back until the finalized production of West side story.)

Side Note: It should be noted, that if you have not seen any of Zelger's cover songs you should go right now to her YouTube channel: @ Rachel Zelger and see those cover songs. You'll thank me later.   Spoiler Alert: Rita Moreno, The EGOT recipient, not only will she cameo in the movie, but she will also be an executive producer.