Queen V: Lets Talk About Vaginas

Feminine wellness is a topic that can be confusing and embarrassing to many.

The founder of Queen V, Lauren Steinberg, created the company with a mission to: de-stigmatize the word vagina, empower women to take control of what they are putting into their bodies, create a united girl gang of strong and confident ladies, and take a fun approach to a topic that most women find embarrassing.

Queen V is a millennial-based feminine health and wellness company that focuses on vaginal health products. The brand sells products such as body wash, wipes, lubricant, bath bombs and more. The ingredients used are free of harm, convenient, easy to use, and affordable.

The company is not shy about taking on the stigma—making their packaging young and bright. The brands product names are even more exciting with names, such as Swipe Right Wipes, Spray Bay Bay, and more.

Women need to begin taking control of what they are putting into their bodies. Steinberg has paved the way, taking a millennial approach in regard to ending the stigmas behind feminine hygiene. Now, it is our turn to get involved.

If you are looking to get involved in a girl gang on your campus, Queen V is the way to go! The company is constantly looking for college students to become Queen VIPs. You may be wondering, “what is that?” The plan involves receiving product samples every month, as well as, educating your campus about feminine health and wellness.

This paid opportunity is a fantastic way to gain experience in marketing, public relations, event planning, and blog writing. With the use of social media, networking, and conducting outreach—one can change the game about the topic of vaginas.

It’s about time we start talking about vaginas.

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