Protests in Nicaragua

During the week of April 16th violent protests erupted throughout the country of Nicaragua after the Sandinista National Liberation Front- run government decided to apply a 5% tax to old-age and disability pensions and increase the contributions paid by both employees and employer. Negative social reforms have been taking place but this was the breaking point for many. Upset citizens took to the streets in order to demonstrate their anger and frustration with the government. Among the protestors were mostly students who are infuriated over not having opportunities to better their lives and the ones of their families. Reports indicate the protests occurred in cities such as León, Estelí, Jinotepe, Managua, Masaya, Matagalpa and Bluefields. Similar protests have occurred before but were quickly shutdown by the government. In the most recent protests, the government has responded with counter-marches, videos can be seen where Sandinista Youth are attacking peaceful protesters. However they have been lasting longer then those from past events. On Friday, April 20, protestors returned to the streets where protests worsened. Officials claim there are reports of 5-10 deaths as a result of the protests. 

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