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After almost a year of living during a pandemic, the world has endured some major life changes. One of them being remote learning. Unfortunately, the coronavirus was not managed well over the summer in the United States. As a result, the country decided to move all schools online. It was difficult to force students to learn remotely, and upsetting considering all school events would be canceled. However, there actually is some good that came with online education. 

For instance, since a significant amount of students are attending school, morning traffic has gone done significantly. This is more of a convenience. Since there is less pf a need for transportation, there are fewer cars polluting the Earth. Therefore, gas emissions have lowered immensely. Not only has remote learning caused a decrease in transportation in general; but there has been a decrease in airplanes, buses, and boats. 

Furthermore, by being able to learn virtually, it allows a student to strengthen their multi-tasking skills. Learning online allows the students to study on their own time and lets them strengthen their self-discipline. By acquiring these skills, it could prepare students to be more successful in their education in the long-run. 

Moreoever, students are safer being at home because they are no longer threatened by events like school shootings. Bullying would be almost completely out of the picture, if you put cyber bullying aside. 

Although it is the first time in history that remote learning is being implemented, there are several positive factors being introduced in the academic world. Also, the environment is improving which is also a plus. 

Maria is a sophomore at Florida International University studying Public Relations, Advertising, and Applied Communications. She loves to travel to Europe and her favorite thing to do is sing and play the guitar. She also loves photography and fashion and enjoys being with her family and her dog. She is originally from College Station, Texas, but her family is Venezuelan and Puerto Rican.
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