President Trump Wants a Military Parade

Carrying out a Military parade has been something lingering on Trump’s mind since he began running for office. Although Military parades are often organized and executed following a war victory or another similar American triumph, the President is eager to flex American muscles in the wake of him seeing the Bastille Day celebration in Paris. In a meeting on January 18th, President Trump directed top generals to begin planning the parade, but there are many lawmakers who are opposed to the idea and few who show their full support. If this parade follows through it will be the first one since 1991, which was put together in celebration of the Persian Gulf war ending. Prior to that, a Military parade was held in observance of President Kennedy’s inauguration largely because it was in the midst of the Cold War. These parades are rare because they are only held after a significant event happens in our country and they can be extremely costly. As of right now the Pentagon says there is no clear cost, however it will take millions to organize such a huge parade.

These parades are a show of patriotism that can help unify a country when held at the right time. The victory parade following the end of the Persian Gulf war featured 8,000 military troops marching down Washington D.C.’s Constitution Avenue as Stealth fighter planes passed overhead while tanks and Patriot missiles rolled by a cheering crowd of 200,000. This parade was appropriate as it followed a U.S victory, but holding one for the shallow reason of flexing American power is an insult to our Military. Many lawmakers have expressed their disdain for the Military parade saying that it will actually make our country look weak. According to Senator John Kennedy, Republican of Louisiana,  America is the most powerful country and “everybody knows it, (so there’s no) need to show it off” by displaying all our militant power. There are several other lawmakers, democrats and republicans alike, who are completely opposed this parade as it will be focused on a single person- Trump, which is all too similar to an authoritarian regime.

The talk of a Military parade appears to be an obvious flex of power on behalf of the President as we are currently in the midst of controversy between several different countries. Military parades are known for their flagrant showing machinery so if one were to be held, it would put all our power in full view so that our “enemies” would cower and retreat in fear. If Trump wants a parade that will help the country, he should organize one that will support and unite America, not one that will create more tension between other nations. Holding a Military parade during a time where America has made no significant progress seems inappropriate and wasteful of our governments money.