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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at FIU chapter.

April 19th, 2018 President Donald Trump took a visit to Key West Florida. He was welcomed with groups of very joyful people, along with people who were not as joyful. Key West is known for being a loving community that opens its arms to anyone and everyone. That being said, many of the people who live in the community have very strong but all different political values. President Trump probably witnessed that specific political diversity on his visit Thursday afternoon.

Local Conch Rikki Shea Gage stated that she was one of thousands of people lined up to get a glimpse at the President.  “It was a very cool experience to have the President of the United States visit our small town. He seemed to enjoy his quick stop here by talking to the press thanking the crowds in a video.”

Although there were many locals who thought the same as Rikki Shea, there were many others who did not. The Miami Harold published video clips of the Presidents car driving down Duval Street, as he was receiving many “Boo’s”. Many people made signs as well as a way of protest.

Before Thursday, it had been more that 55 years since a sitting President visited the small island. While in Key West, he visited the anti-smuggling center where he spoke on issues like drugs, human trafficking, and the infamous Wall.