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In honor of Relay for Life coming up at FIU on March 6 at FIU, I dedicate the following poem to all families affected to cancer.

My Dad

You grew up in the mountains where the sky was crisp and blue In an colorful apartment with the most amazing views

The son of two German parents that were the most perfect couple The youngest out of three, you always caused the most trouble

You spent your days out in the Venezeulan sun Nothing or no one could disrupt your easy going fun

1976 came and the days turned sorrow  For your dad was about to embark on a journey harder than climbing mount kilimanjaro

Blood-forming tissues hindering the body’s ability to fight infection Left you dealing with a big sense depression

In a search for the right remedy your parents leaped from country to country  While you, in high school, stayed home to deal with literature and geometry 

Your sixteen birthday wasn’t so sweet As a part of you was soon to be incomplete

After four challenging years of standing by chemotherapies  There were unfortunately no more available remedies 

Your visits took a turn from standing by a hospital bed  To bringing flowers to a resting place instead

You and your family were never be the same But days went by and happy memories started to fill your new picture frames 

And now the fear of it catching you  Keeps me up with the Moon

The pigment producing cells gathering on your skin make me feel the most worried I’ve ever been

I fight for the loss you endured so many years back I fight so that a future with you in it is on track.

I am a Senior studying International Business pursuing a career in an international company in their Marketing or PR department. My passions are art, storytelling, and traveling.
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