Perfect Timing

Sometimes we find ourselves debating where we are in life and how we’re supposed to have already done or achieved certain goals. We compare ourselves to others near our age group that are doing significantly better than us—or at least we think they are. Some of us think like this more often than others but remember timing is everything. Take into consideration that your timing and someone else’s is entirely different. You may think you’re ready for something or want to get somewhere now but maybe you aren’t.


Across college campuses they’ve drilled into students that they must graduate in four years. Throughout the four years they must’ve also been active in many on campus activities, events and clubs. They must’ve also been in various internships that relate to their overall major. Not all students are able to achieve this for various reasons. Some students have to work to pay for their tuition, have family problems, or have too much of a heavy academic workload to be able to do everything they’re expected to do.


Meanwhile, several students that have all the resources they need whether it be economic or personal, do have the time to be able to do it all. Some exceptions do take place and some students are able to balance work, school and whatever personal problems they have going on. But for some of us things don’t go according to plan. We either take a gap year before starting college or sometime during our undergrad years, end up changing majors, transfer schools or end up taking going from a full time student to a part-time student prolonging our graduation. At this age we’re all stressed on graduating on time and doing everything now but it’s okay to take your time—life happens.


Whenever you find yourself down or anxious about where you are in life because you feel lost compared to how your peers are doing take a breath and remember your time will come. Try to relax and go out and do something you enjoy to get your mind out of that funk. Then, come back and do everything you have to do to reach your goals.

Don’t let momentary doubt stop you from achieving what you want in life.