The Perfect Spot to Enjoy the Miami Cold Front

During the fall and winter months, Miamians sometimes get lucky and the weather gets cooler as a cold front settles in for a couple days. It is the perfect excuse to bust out the slouchy sweaters and booties that sit in our closets gathering dust for most of the year and finally enjoy hot chocolate without sweating. These changes in weather typically don’t last long before the heat settles in again, so spending time outdoors and enjoying the breeze is essential. 


The perfect way to spend a Miami “winter”day outdoors is visiting Burr’s Berry Farms. Part of the Redland community for almost 60 years, this berry farms prides itself in proving the cream of the crop strawberries for South Florida residents. The strawberries are cultivated from December to May making the month of December the perfect time to head to the farm to celebrate the beginning of the season. They offer a U-Pick package where you can pick out the locally-sourced strawberries you’d like to take home straight from the ground.

Start your visit by trying one of the many treats they offer. Ranging from milkshakes to strawberry slush, strawberry sundaes, strawberry shortcakes, and Belgian waffles topped with whipped cream and-you guessed it-  strawberries, there is something for everyone to indulge. My personal favorite is their fresh strawberry soft serve ice cream which is a hefty serving and costs only $2.50. They also have some savory snacks for sale like chilli hot dogs and nachos served with a warm, gooey, cheese sauce. 


After purchasing your snacks at the kiosk in the entrance to enter the farm to enjoy the treats in the Burr’s Berry garden. You’ll have a beautiful view of the strawberry crops and sunflowers while taking in the fresh air. Songbirds will provide you with a sweet melody to listen to as you eat while they fly back and forth from their feeders. 

Once done with your food, take a walk around the farm until you find yourself in the games area. Featuring outdoor versions of checkers, tic tac toe, connect four, cornhole, and shuffleboard you’ll be sure to have a good time challenging your significant other or competing with your family. Other activities available include sunflower and strawberry picking.


Once your visit is complete, stop by the shop on your way out to buy a jar of the most delicious homemade strawberry jam to take home and enjoy during the holidays. You’ll be sure to want to come back soon.