Ozuna Lights Up Miami with His Aura Tour

'El Negrito de Ojos Claros' took Miami Saturday, Sept. 8 with the beginning of his 2018 tour. With 28 performances, Ozuna is ready to take the big stages including Madison Square Garden, the Pepsi Center, and more. His tour kicked off spectacularly in Miami, where he was able to showcase throwback songs of his album Odisea and impressed the audience with his new songs for his recently published album Aura. 

The Puerto Rican and Dominican artist has reached popularity rather quickly, representative of his talent as a singer. Known in all of Latin America, it was time for Ozuna to leave the stage by being a featuring artist and actually star in a show of his own. As a fan and a spectator at his show, I must say his talent is clear the moment he sets foot on stage.

The concert took place in the American Airlines Arena. With a fully booked stadium he opened his show with the single Aura from his new album Aura. The slow, catchy song made everyone aware of his amazing singing skills. He was able to keep the audience in their feelings yet made them want to dance and sing at the top of their lungs due to the different types of songs he composed. 

Not only did he impress with his own show and his own talent as a performer, but he also surprised the audience with a special appearance of Anuel AA. The duo managed to spectacularly complement each other as they sang new and old songs. They sang Brindemos (from Anuel’s album), Beber as a throwback for both singers, and Presente y Pasado (a song in Ozuna’s new album Aura where Anuel features). This performance was a very special one for Anuel, as it was the first time since he was released from jail that he was able to sing on a stage for his fans. 

The euphoria of the night was exhilarating and the great vibes that Ozuna shows as an artist are unmeasurable. He definitely left people more than pleased and wanting more. All of his devoted fans cannot wait to see how his career will develop and how he will continue to increase his fame.