Optimizing Your Planner

Being in college and wanting to stay organized with a planner is a very common thing. Now, everyone can write down things to do and maybe it’ll help, but there are ways in which we can assemble our planner to make it more effective. Here are five ways to make the most out of your planner:


  1. Use your monthly-view calendar: Most, if not all, planners come with a monthly view page where we can get an overview of the most important dates of the month. Here you should write very important dates such as birthdays, business trips, and big exams coming up.
  2. Color-Code your tasks: Use a different, specific color for tests, sports, work, or social activities. This way you can determine what tasks you have in the day and as a bonus -- your planner will be aesthetically pleasing.
  3. Check tasks off: There is no better feeling than checking something off your to-do list. This also keeps your planner updated with tasks that have been done and have not.
  4. Plan out your day: In the weekly-schedule section, plan out your day thoroughly. Doing this allows for zero procrastination or delays in tasks that need to be done. Start your day at the earliest you possibly can to get everything done.
  5. Keep it updated: It’s easy and fun to keep up with a planner the first two weeks, then let it slowly fade away. Make it a daily, or at least weekly, task to update your planner and add any new information or task that needs to get done.