An Open Letter to My Younger Self

Dear younger self,

At times, actually very quite often, I miss you. I miss the girl you were at 3, at 6, at 17. I remember you as the girl who chased after birds and thought she could catch one, as the girl who was too excited on her first day of Pre-k, who loved solving puzzles and always had a thirst for knowledge... always wanting to know more. As the girl who loved riding horses at 4 years old and as the girl who was too reckless and sprained her ankle on Christmas eve and had to spend Christmas at the hospital. And self-reflecting now, I see that those small traits; the thirst for knowledge, the wonder and curiosity, the impulsion are still part of you. You’re still three years old swinging around in the swings and riding your first bicycle. I love that little girl and that little girl would be so proud of you right now.

You’re probably endlessly wondering what the future looks like or most likely planning ahead. If I could tell you what awaits you, you would never guess or believe it. So much awaits you and though at times you’ll question absolutely everything and lose hope, you’ll come to appreciate every season of your life and all that comes attached with it. You’ll find that helping others is what you’re truly passionate about and from there on everything will change. You’ll get to give back food to the homeless on Thanksgiving Day, a dream of yours for years. You’ll get to meet so many inspiring, kind-hearted people who share the same desire as you to help others. You’ll meet your person, someone with the biggest heart for people and who shares the same vision as you to contribute to the lives of others. You’ll even make it to Tallahassee and advocate and lobby for various bills to be passed at the Florida State Capital and speak to representatives and their legislative aid. You’ll get to travel to New England and fall in love with its history, its people and its hospitality. You’ll have someone to spend the holidays with for the first time. You’ll get your first job and your first internship where you won’t just get to help children, but also adults, families, and the elderly. You’ll step out of your comfort zone and although it will be challenging at first, you’ll find that it will open so many doors for you. You’ll surely surprise yourself with your perseverance and strong will. 

Seasons of confusion, anguish, anxiety, and fear will also present themselves and you'll find yourself doubting yourself and fearing the future. But fear not, these seasons will teach you to trust in your journey even when you can't understand it. They'll teach you that family is everything, that self-care is pivotal to your well-being, and it'll help you embrace the questions and the unknown. It is during these periods, that you'll grow the most and that you'll look back and understand why they had to take place in your life. 

With that, I'll leave you with this message; "The joy is in the journey." Let this resonate with you, so much lies ahead of you kid. Appreciate every second and let each season of your life teach you a lesson. 

With love, 

Your future self