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NYFW ’19 Street Style Looks

New York Fashion Week is a highly anticipated week where the worlds of art and fashion come together to produce amazing shows with impeccable styling. If your anything like me, NYFW means watching shows from home in my pajamas. However, my all-time favorite part about NYFW is actually off the runway. What I love to look at the most is NYFW street style looks. If you don’t know what street style is, it’s outfits that are meant for street wear and are not necessarily pieces that come off the runway or from a designer. Street style looks give me so much inspiration for future outfits and I love every part about it. NYFW ’19 has sadly come to an end, but thankfully we can still get excited for Paris Fashion Week (which begins on September 23rd). To commemorate the end of NYFW ’19, I put together a list of some of my favorite NYFW street style looks. 


1. The pop of color 

Pictured: Caroline Daur 

Everything about this look is iconic. Such a simple look yet the orange trench coat adds a pop of color. The chic sunglasses, layered necklaces and strappy heels flow seamlessly with this entire outfit. 


2. The bold suit

Pictured: Tiffany Hsu

I am drooling over this bold suit. The outfit itself is a statement, but her sharp hair style and sunglasses make this whole look even more of a look. 


3. The timeless look

Photo by: Jeremy Kang

This dress is dreamy. The pointed heel adds on to the classy feel of this outfit. 


4. A 60’s vibe

Photo by: Imaxtree

Everything about this outfit gives off a 60’s vibe and i’m obsessing over it. 


5. These boots were made for strutting

Photo by: Imaxtree

The high-waisted jeans and tube top are basic pieces, but the pop of color in the boots and the head scarf make this look anything, but boring. 


6. Business casual but make it fashion   

Photo by: Imaxtree

I love everything about this suit look. The suit is timeless and classy, but the bralette top makes this look a statement. 


Until next year NYFW. 


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