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New Year? New NOW

From now until the end of December, we all begin re-evaluating ourselves. Did we follow through with the change of diet we promised ourselves we would? Did we travel to those two destinations we said we would? Did we start attending those workout sessions every week?

 We go through these long mental lists and check to see if we have actually followed through with the things we promised ourselves we would, one year later. We tend to backtrack as well, asking ourselves if we have progressed or not in certain areas of our personal life, and we either end up checking off the “satisfied” slot or the “unsatisfied” slot. But to me, that is no way to correctly care for your self-health.

 In my opinion, I think comparison is the most self-deteriorating thing you could do to yourself. You must stay as far away from it as possible because it will tear your confidence into shreds. Before you start comparing, overthinking and counting the shortcomings of yourself—think about the now and start taking note of the good things taking place right at this moment in your life. Anything you can label with as positive is progression to me.  Much more than progression, it is something bringing you joy in this life, and that is something special.

I don’t necessarily believe it takes a new year to start a “new you.” Plenty of people restart, and they restart at the moment they feel the need to. They make changes when they feel they need to. The same applies for you and I. If we were to speak in realistic terms, which isn’t my favorite, the only difference between December 31st and January 1st is the fourth digit of the year turning into an “8.” Yes, there is magic in the clock turning 12:00am and everyone being so excited that another new year is beginning, but you don’t have to wait for the clock on January 1st to start fresh, start NOW, in this minute of 2017. How many amazing things can take place between now as you’re reading this article and the next 24 hours? Maybe the greatest notification can pop up this second on your phone for a job opportunity you’ve been so patient to hear back from. Maybe the next person you talk to will inspire you by the way they speak about the thing they love to take on that hobby you’ve been on the fence to begin. People decide to shift habits, jobs, friends and outlooks daily. As organized and intelligent as it is to legitimately write a list of New Year goals or improvements, most of the time, people write them and don’t glance at them again. And that’s okay, life happens. But bringing on change within yourself all begins with finding positives in the now and where life has you during this time, and with finding the mental strength to commit to these goals you wish to accomplish for yourself.


I believe in the best for you and I hope you do too! Don’t bog yourself down over what did or didn’t happen, celebrate where you are now, and be expectant for where you could be tomorrow! Change begins with your mind and only progresses by how inclined you are to pursue it—You can do this!  





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